World Photography day, Google Plus, Mumbai, Mumbai Weekend Shoot, Photographers, travellers, Social MEdia, Twitter, $Gpluswpd
World Photography day with Google plus
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World Photography day, Google Plus, Mumbai, Mumbai Weekend Shoot, Photographers, travellers, Social MEdia, Twitter, $Gpluswpd






What would be more interesting to celebrate Photography day, with photographers from across India, learning and sharing about it changed their lives.

Google Plus made this dream true for photographers from India by ‘celebrating “World Photography Day ” at Tote on the Turf,Mahalakshmi Race Course, Mumbai.

World Photography day, Google Plus, Mumbai, Mumbai Weekend Shoot, Photographers, travellers, Social MEdia, Twitter, $Gpluswpd

About G+ Photos

Google+ Photos offers many easy-to-use, comprehensive photo editing tools. These are all accessible for free via Google+.

Google+ Photos lets you back up all your photos in the cloud, where they’re accessible from any device. You can upload unlimited photos at tablet resolution (2048px) for free, and upload larger photos at full resolution using your 15 GB of free Google Drive storage (increasing from 5GB in the coming weeks). Auto Backup (formerly Instant Upload) lets you back up new photos from your phone as soon as you take them, so they’ll stay safe even if you lose your device.

The new Highlight view organizes all of your photos so they’re easy to browse through— whether they’re from your phone, albums you’ve created, events you’re a part of, or albums you’re tagged in. You’ll see a selection of top shots for each set of photos, so you can share a few standouts without spending time sorting through duplicates and blurry images.

Photos look better than ever after you add them to Google+, thanks to our new Auto Enhance technology. Auto Enhance makes intelligent improvements to each of your photos, accentuating important details and helping the people and places in your images look their best. If you don’t like the changes, it’s easy to undo them.

Finally, you get more than just the photos you’ve added when you use Google+. Auto Awesome creates fun new images from the photos in your account — short animations, panoramic photos, photo booth-style portraits, and more.

Google Inc.

Google’s innovative search technologies connect millions of people around the world with information every day. Founded in 1998 by Stanford PhD. students Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google today is a top web property in all major global markets. Google’s targeted advertising program provides businesses of all sizes with measurable results, while enhancing the overall web experience for users. Google is headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. For more information, visit


Google brought together professional photographers and photography enthusiasts from across the globe to celebrate World Photography day at a special event in Mumbai. This event allowed photographers to debate and exchange their ideas on the evolution of photography from daguerreotypes to digital. The keynote session was delivered by Padamshree Award winner Raghu Rai, who showcased his photographs and shared his experiences and anecdotes on the developments in the photography world and the transitions over the years.

There were panel of photographers where the bloggers, photographers and Google enthusiast can learn from. Google also collaborated with leading Indian photographers including Pradeep Sanyal, Sumit Sen, Prashant Panjiar to encourage photographers to embrace technology for content creation and network with like-minded photographers from across the globe.

Raghu Rai: Born in 1942, Raghu Rai is an Indian photographer and photojournalist. A protégé of Henri Cartier-Bresson who appointed Rai, then a young photojournalist to Magnum Photos in 1977, which he co-founded.Rai became a photographer in 1965, and a year later joined the staff of The Statesman, a New Delhi publication. In 1976, he left the paper and became a freelance photographer. From 1982 up until 1992, Rai was the director of photography for India Today. He has served on the jury for World Press Photo from 1990 to 1997. He is most known for his books, Raghu Rai’s India: Reflections in Colour and Reflections in Black and White.

 Padamshree Award winner Raghu Rai at the Google+ World Photography Day celebrations in Mumbai, World Photography day, Google Plus, Mumbai, Mumbai Weekend Shoot, Photographers, travellers, Social MEdia, Twitter, #Gpluswpd

Prashant Panjiar: Born 1957, Prashant Panjiar is a self-taught photographer. He has worked as a photojournalist and editor in mainstream media at Patriot newspaper (1984-1986), India Today (1986-1995) and the Outlook Group of Publications (1995-2001). Since 2001 Panjiar has been working independently specializing in reportage, editorial and documentary photography. Panjiar also continues to work as a consulting picture editor and is actively involved in mentoring younger photographers. He has served on the jury of the World Press Photo Awards in Amsterdam in 2002, the China International Press Photo Competition in 2005 and the Indian Express Press Photo Awards.


Panjiar is co-founder and managing trustee of Nazar Foundation, a non-profit trust for the promotion of the photographic arts, and also the co-founder and one of the creative directors of the Delhi Photo Festival. Panjiar’s work can be viewed at


Ketaki Sheth: is a contemporary Indian photographer has worked with bxw film and chemistry for over 20 years. She won the Sanskriti Award for Indian Photography in 1992 and the Higashikawa Award in 2006 in Japan for best foreign photographer. Her publications include “Twinspotting: Photographs of Patel Twins in Britain & India” (Dewi Lewis Publishing, UK, 1999), “Bombay Mix: Street Photographs” (Dewi Lewis Publishing, UK and Sepia International, NY, 2007) and  most recently “A Certain Grace: The Sidi, Indians of African Descent,” Photoink, 2013 which opens as an exhibition at The National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi this September. The book will be launched at the Delhi Photo Festival 2013 also in September. Her work has been widely exhibited both in India and abroad.


Sumit Sen: The camera was the natural extension for an accomplished and exhibited child artist, and the camera has been with Sumit Sen ever since his teens. Sometimes neglected  but never forgotten  Sumit uses the camera to showcase the world around us, its natural wealth and its diversity. Most of his serious photography is focused on the avian world, particularly on in-flight photography. Sumit’s work has been published in various Indian and international books and magazines and was selected for exhibition in the prestigious ‘The Incredible Moment’ show at New Delhi.


Pradeep Sanyal: An engineer and an MBA, among other things. But he ran into himself when he picked up a camera and looked at the world through it. Pradeep has been taking pictures for over 25 years now and the most exceptional quality of his photography lies in the fact that he has traveled many miles for each of his pictures. He shoots wildlife, nature, people, wedding candids and loves doing street photography.


Pradeep’s story can indeed define a generation – where it is no longer necessary to abandon one path to find another, defining a life that is simply worth making the best of. He is currently based out of Los Angeles.


Sooni Taraporeval: Born 1957) is a screenwriter and photographer, currently based in India. She is best known as the screenwriter of Mississippi Masala, The Namesake and Oscar-nominated Salaam Bombay (1988), all directed by Mira Nair.She directed her first feature film, based on a screenplay of her own, an ensemble piece set in Bombay, in Spring, 2007, entitled “Little Zizou.


World Photography day, Google Plus, Mumbai, Mumbai Weekend Shoot, Photographers, travellers, Social MEdia, Twitter, #Gpluswpd, Sooni Taraporevala, Sumit Sen,Mulchand Dedhia,Ketaki Sheth, Paroma Roy Chowdhury-Head, Corporate Communications & Public Affairs at Google India,
Elaborating upon his experiences as a photographer, award-winning photographer Raghu Rai, said: “The photography world has seen a paradigm shift in the past couple of decades: it has moved away from the isolated dark rooms to highly interactive social platforms. With advanced technology tools at their disposal, photographers today are pushing the boundaries of creativity, and giving birth to new forms of art which were unthinkable just a decade ago.”

Google+ offers plethora of advanced features for budding and professional photographers to add effects, edit, and improve the quality of their photos. It provides a powerful platform for photographers to showcase their work, receive suggestions, and network with other photographers with similar interests. The event saw a demonstration of intelligent photo-editing features by Google, including:

  • Auto Backup: No wires, and no qualms if you lose your phone—Google+ Photos automatically backs up all your photos in the cloud as soon as you take them, where they’re accessible from any device.
  • Auto Enhance: Auto Enhance makes subtle improvements to your photos that help the people and places in your photos look their best.
  • Auto Highlight: When you upload new photos, we’ll show you a selection of highlights from your collection that makes it easy to share the best of your shots. You’ll spend less time sorting through duplicates and blurry images, more time enjoying your favorites with the people that matter.
  • Auto Awesome: The photos we take don’t always tell the full story; Auto Awesome creates fun new images from the photos you add to Google+. We’ll combine sets of similar pictures into short animations, create panoramas from landscape photos, and even make group photos where everyone looks great.

You can learn the above features by clickign on this link: Google+ Photos PR pdf

Sandeep Menon, Google India’s Director of Marketing, said: “The advent of technology has brought easy-to-use, advanced photography tools within reach of all photography enthusiasts. With its large and active community of photographers, Google+ aims to provide a platform for experts and amateurs from around the world to showcase their work, seek feedback from, and engage with other photographers. Recognizing the evolving needs of photographers, Google is focused on providing useful photo-editing tools and services to help people share the special moments that matter

The event was rounded out by a special exhibition of the work of participating photographers.

World Photography day, Google Plus, Mumbai, Mumbai Weekend Shoot, Photographers, travellers, Social MEdia, Twitter, $Gpluswpd



The giveaways which actually was nothing but just PR Release, but loved the bag.


World Photography day, Google Plus, Mumbai, Mumbai Weekend Shoot, Photographers, travellers, Social MEdia, Twitter, $Gpluswpd



The most fascinating was the loud LED screen showing 360 degree photograph through an applciation called “Photosphere”. I was just wanting to know how to get my hands on “Google Nexus “.


World Photography day, Google Plus, Mumbai, Mumbai Weekend Shoot, Photographers, travellers, Social MEdia, Twitter, $Gpluswpd


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