It’s time to Get On Your Bike and Indulge in Self-Love this Women’s Day
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During her late 30s, Taniya Suri was ready to fulfill her lifelong dream of riding a bike. But fearing for her safety, her husband and kids begged her not to. And she ended up dreading the roads as well. But not for a long time.

In March 2017, Taniya took out her bike on the road for the first time on Women’s Day. And what did she enjoy the most? “The freedom and the adrenaline rush that she felt when she was in control of her bike”. There could have been no better day, than International Women’s Day to get the much-needed feeling of independence.International Women's day,WOmen Bike Riders, Bikerni, Resdisover yourself, Womens'day ,What you do on Women's day

Many women are riding bikes now, and the number is only growing. Riding a bike definitely implants a sense of confidence, individualism, adventurism, and daring. You feel great about yourself. Furthermore, two-wheeler has become a woman’s key to all the opportunities that mobility can bring her. Today, the sight of a woman sitting confidently on a scooter, or even maneuvering a motorcycle, is quite common.

If you have a bike or planning to buy one, Women’s Day can be the perfect start to take out your bike and get a better view of the front. Here are the reasons why you must not delay this decision:

1. Riding your Bike Gives You a Sense of FreedomInternational Women's day,WOmen Bike Riders, Bikerni, Resdisover yourself, Womens'day ,What you do on Women's day

“Freedom” is such an overused word, but there can be no better way to use it than describing the sense of self-sufficiency and independence that comes from the simple act of getting on a bike and twisting the key.

On a bike, it’s just your little head inside that helmet. You are totally in control of yourself. The zen state that you achieve pushes away anxiety about paying the bills, completing office/household tasks, or meeting deadlines.

2. Overcome Your FearsInternational Women's day,WOmen Bike Riders, Bikerni, Resdisover yourself, Womens'day ,What you do on Women's day

Riding a bike can be initially frightening. But once you throw that bike down the road, you will wake up the next day with a feeling of achievement. So, learn to overcome your fear and get on with the task at hand.

3. You Can Connect to The World Around You

International Women's day,WOmen Bike Riders, Bikerni, Resdisover yourself, Womens'day ,What you do on Women's day Life is better when lived- just like swimming in a river is inherently better than staring at a picture of that river. With a bike, you can travel distance, see the true objects of the world, and experience them with all your senses.

4.  Commuting is Easier with a Two-wheelerInternational Women's day,WOmen Bike Riders, Bikerni, Resdisover yourself, Womens'day ,What you do on Women's day

Riding a bike can make your daily commute much more comfortable. It is the convenient mode of transport on roads, especially the ones with high traffic density. Two-wheelers can be best used to get home much faster than their four-wheeled brothers. You will find no better way to beat the traffic than commuting by your two-wheeler.

But Don’t Forget:

Protect yourself at all times as safety is most important. So, invest in a good helmet. You may not be at fault, but someone else who decides to break the rules can cause an accident.

Never stop right ahead or behind a vehicle. You must have enough space to move around. Avoid cutting ahead or overtaking a moving or parked vehicle.

Maintain your bike well, make sure it is in great condition by having it serviced regularly. This will increase its fuel efficiency and reduce the risks of accidents.

And the best way to avail maximum protection for your bike from unforeseen events is to buy a two-wheeler insurance policy. According to the Motor Vehicles Act, be it a two-wheeler or four-wheeler, you must have a vehicle insurance while on the road. If found without one, you may be penalized with a heavy fine.

Being involved in a bike related accident may require you to spend a fortune on your treatment and also pay for the other party as well. Thus, it can prove to be a significant hit on your budget. Two-wheeler insurance will make sure that if your bike is ruined by any means, you are not left with high expenses.

Thus, bike insurance will help in safeguarding you from road accidents and other perils associated with motor vehicles. With comprehensive two-wheeler insurance in place, you can get cover against all types of threats, including man-made as well as natural calamities. Hence do not forget to have comprehensive bike insurance in place before you take your bike out for a ride this Women’s Day. There are many insurance companies in India with various two-wheeler insurance policies. Furthermore, choosing the right insurance coverage can be tricky sometimes. To overcome this dilemma, you can take help of the online route and compare different two-wheeler insurance policies. Getting the right policy for your needs is the key here.

It’s All About Discovering Rediscovering Yourself this Women’s day 

Make this Women’s Day a memorable one by indulging in self-love. Get on your chariot now and rediscover yourself and your freedom.