Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple
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Ghosh! This colour has so many reasons to smile. Twitter is  flooded with handles, I know who are mad about “purple” “Absolute_Purple” , then Purpleholic..etc..

Came across this Weekly Photo Challenge on wordpress.and thought lets participate as I also love color ” purple” and had great story attach to it.

This flower is  water lily..But its got a very light purple light to it.. Not because the color of the flower is this. But because the lighting created by the paper on top of the bulb which created this color. The vendor at Mumbai- Flower Market creates this unique color bulb with which the colors of the flowers looks more interesting.

When asked the reason to do something like this, he said ” Colors create  a balance in life. With different colors of flowers and my efforts to create different bulbs, I create an atmosphere of new life with new creation” .. My immediate question to him was ” How”. Then he said the color “purple calms the mind and nerves, encourages creativity and gives the feeling of spirituality”. Hearing this I was zapped, as being a flower vendor how does he know so much.

He cleared my surprised face by saying ” Madam , I study in night school, where they teach to use internet. So I research on many things, that when I came across this color importance”…..

Every branch of knowledge which a good man possesses, he may apply to some good purpose. –Claudius Buchanan