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How to Survive as Vegetarian On a Roadtrip in India ?
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Recently, Rutavi, who is taking part in the Rickshaw Run 2015 asked me for a few tips on how to stay vegetarian on the trip, and our conversation resulted in she asking me if I could write a proper article on” how to stay vegetarian on a road trip”


So, here we go! 🙂

Being a vegetarian on a road trip isn’t an easy task; but it definitely isn’t unachievable, especially in a country like India!

A 2700 km road race sure isn’t a cake walk and if your stomach isn’t well taken care of, you are in for a bad bad time! Headaches, giddiness, and weakness are just a few side effects of not eating well!

So here are a few food and eating habits you must keep in mind while you are busy focussing on the race :
  1. A  heavy breakfast and a satisfying lunch are very important!
  2. Instead of visiting a restaurant for lunch every single time, keep your eyes open for the road side dhabas and stalls! Many times , they will serve you some delicious authentic vegetarian local fare that not only will be low on oil and fat, but will be cooked in a clean and healthy kitchen too! Am saying this out of personal experience!
  3. Always carry a stock of cashewnuts, pistachios, almonds, walnuts and raisins in a zip pouch with you! A handful of these really help keep your energy levels in place!
  4. Another thing that usually helps is, carry in individual packets, a dry mixture of upma (you can make these at home yourself by roasting rava, urad dal, some curry leaves and green chillis in some ghee/oil or buy the ready breakfast mix packets available in the market) and just pour in some hot water and you are good to go!
  5. The gujju in me always ensures carrying my nani’s theplas and khaati kairi and trust me, they are a life saver; from midnight cravings to not finding a decent place to have a meal at or just the want to have ghar ka khaana; these theplas really help!
  6. Obviously you have your fruits and vegetables that are available all across, one can also carry chaat masala (for fruits) and a mixture of salt and red chilli powder in equal quantities (to sprinkle on your freshly cut cucumber and tomatoes).
  7. Last, but not the least be well hydrated; along with your bottle of water, ensure you have a bottle of nimbu pani or shikanji at all times with you!


(Photograph credits : Ayenxz Abraham on flickr)