Love travelling? Here’s why Term INSURANCE is must for you
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Lying on the beach with a cocktail in one hand and an interesting book on the other- indeed a holiday is a perfect time to bid adieu to monotonous life and rejuvenate all your senses. Whether you are traveling for business, on a few weeks family trip or have sold everything to always be on the road, traveling is a fulfilling experience. It can make you a happier person by building self-confidence, giving new experiences and memories, allowing you to meet people from throughout the globe.

But have you thought of buying term insurance? The thought of buying term insurance might not excite many travelers. Of course, you are planning to return safely (and I am sure, you will) but can you predict the future? The answer is no.

Though traveling is an experience often filled with fun; it also comes with uncertainties. What if the train in which you are traveling collides with another train? Or, what if while clicking pictures of Eiffel Tower in Paris, a passing car hits you? How would your loved ones deal with any such unforeseen situation? Are you sure your family would be able to manage their finances without you?

Here, the purpose is not to dissuade you from traveling, but encourage you to take steps to prevent yourself and your family from unexpected situations. Go with a term insurance plan to enjoy a stress-free vacation.

Here are some of the benefits which you can get if you have a term insurance plan:

  1. Secure your family: If you are the breadwinner of your family, a term insurance plan is must for you. In case something happens to you, a term insurance plan will pay a claim to your family. Through, term insurance, there would be no financial burden and your family would be able to carry on their lifestyle in your absence.
  2. Protect against liabilities: During your life, you take on a lot of liabilities, to purchase a car, home, Many of these liabilities are usually repaid over a period. However, in case something happens to you, the burden to repay these liabilities may fall directly on your family unless you have a term insurance plan. A term insurance policy will make a pay-out to manage liabilities in your absence.
  3. Cover against a disability: While the holiday is the time to enjoy and relax, what if you met with an accident that results in permanent disability? Though a term insurance plan can do little in alleviating physical pain, it can certainly help you deal with financial woes. If you have a term insurance plan, the insurer will pay all due premiums on your behalf in case of permanent disability after the accident. It means the policy will continue to cover your family even without premium.
  4. Option to get accidental benefit: Road, train accidents can happen anytime. A family’s finances could come under tremendous stress if the primary breadwinner met with an accident. Also, treating the accident involves huge expenses, and if it turns out to be fatal, the family must take care of its income and expenses as well. The double jeopardy of medical expenses and loss of income from the demise of the breadwinner can be both emotionally as well as financially devastating for the family. This is where accidental benefit rider can help.

You can add accidental benefit rider to your term insurance plan and give double protection to your family. In case of your death due to the accident, your nominee will get additional amount— usually, twice the sum assured.

In addition to the above, there are term insurance plans which give critical illness benefit cover as well. If a critical illness strikes, the insurer gives claim pay-out on the first diagnosis of any of the covered critical illness.


A smooth journey can take a U-turn and surprise you with unexpected twists. You can never predict what is waiting for you at the end of the tunnel. So, it is good to buy a term insurance plan to curtail the impact of unexpected twists.