Why I bought Travel Insurance for my Thailand Trip?
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I’m sure you all remember, my accident during my “Rickshaw Run” trip which got me 5 stitches and bruises. Since this was India, the medical expense to stay in hospital for some nights, ambulance expense, flight changes were something I could afford without a travel insurance. Imagine if you were travelling abroad, and you lost your luggage or there was medical emergency in the country. How much money would you be able to spend in such situation?

I’m heading to Thailand in October for TBEX, I decided to take travel insurance this time without any second thought. Irrespective I have traveled to other countries, especially Europe where travel insurance is mandatory, but that was taken by my client for the trip. So ideally speaking I have travelled to many countries or even domestic without an insurance.

Travel insurance is not only for international trip but also for domestic. Mishaps can happen anytime when you are travelling. Better to be secured then to be sorry.

Buying Travel Insurance is easy , just that travellers don’t make effort to get one most of the time. The common mistake or requirement happens when airline misplaces the luggage or falling sick due to wrong diet. Also after buying the insurance important part becomes claiming. Now that’s the hitch, while buying travel insurance or rather any insurance.

So I thought because I was hunting travel insurance for my forthcoming trip, I decided to share my experience with you all. Quite a lot of travelers from our own fraternity mentioned about ICICI Lombard Travel Insurance. I decided to spend my entire Saturday afternoon, reading about various Travel Insurance being provided. It cost just few rupees, and the consequences of not buying and then landing into mishap can cost in lakhs. To be a responsible traveler to your family, it is advisable to take travel insurance

What does the travel insurance cover (basic one and the premium one)?

 Travel Insurance covers unexpected medical and trip related expenses incurred while travelling. While going in for a travel policy, one should ensure that the travel insurance policy include at least few basic essentials. They include medical cover, personal accident cover, repatriations of remains, medical evacuation, personal liability, loss of passport, loss of checked in baggage, delay of checked in baggage, trip delay, missed flight connections, trip interruption and cancellation, emergency cash advance and political risk and catastrophe evacuation.

Apart from basic coverage, travel insurance offers several other premium covers also like fire insurance- home and contents, burglary- home contents, loss of baggage and personal effects, bounced booking of hotel and airlines, emergency hotel extension, return of minor children.  Few travel policies also offer Value Added Services which includes medical concierge services, automotive assistance or lifestyle services for dependents in India.

Travel Insurance from ICICI Lombard assists me nearly all kinds of travel emergencies 

The biggest benefit of availing travel insurance is peace of mind. An international traveller will not have to worry about the risk he/ she is at during the trip. Be it loss of documents, accidents,cancellation of pre-paid trips or delays – your travel insurance covers it all.

ICICI Lombard insurance provides financial support in various situation which would be helpful to me or any other traveller are mentioned below :

Trip Delay or Cancellation/ Interruption

Emergency hospitalisation of yours or your immediate family member or bad weather or  there are several factors that can result your trip getting delayed or even cancelled. In case a trip is delayed for over a certain amount of time, which is mentioned as deductible in your policy, due to problems at the airline’s end, natural disasters or personal problems covered under the policy, the expenses incurred during the trip delay can be reimbursed. Even if the aircraft is hijacked for over 12 hours, compensation is payable on per day basis for a fixed number of days.In case your trip is interrupted mid-way, a travel insurance policy covers the costs incurred for the unexpected return home. The reason for such interruptions can be the ill health of the policyholder or that of a travelling companion. 

Hospitalization and Claims

Hospitalization coverage is particularly useful in case of unexpected medical treatment abroad. With facilities for availing cashless hospitalization, travellers can ensure that they are able to afford the high costs of treatments abroad. 

Loss of Baggage and Passport

Losing your baggage or passport during an international trip can be a stressful experience. Travel insurance allows claims for expenses towards reissuance of passport. Under this policy, all baggage, including hand baggage may also be insured. In case of loss of checked-in baggage or any other baggage, the compensation depends on the value of contents in the baggage however, valuables like jewellery, stones, electronic items are not covered.

Unexpected Hotel Accommodation

Sickness, flight delays or cancellation; when things go wrong, you might need to alter your plans and make unforeseen changes to your itinerary. This might include unexpected hotel accommodation. A travel insurance policy covers claims for expenses incurred towards such forced change of plans.

Cashless Hospitalization

With a travel insurance policy, you have the benefit of cashless hospitalization, where the insurance company settles your hospital bill directly. This provides financial convenience, as you do not need to shell out money from your pocket to pay for astronomical medical bills abroad.

The major benefits of cashless hospitalization are:

  • Hassle-free hospitalization with Health Insurance Card
  • Worldwide network of healthcare providers

How to Purchase travel Insurance ?

Travel insurance can be purchased from ICICI Lombard app or ICICI Lombard website as well in matter of minutes and that too on the same day of travel. Incase  it wasn’t for online and so easy , I would have not made an effort to buy the insurance.

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 3.31.23 pm

Steps to Purchase Travel Insurance from ICICI Lombard

You can visit  https://www.icicilombard.com and follow the steps to buy the insurance. You can choose the plan as per your requirement and then choose the premium offered .

Now if you are in hurry to use desktop, you can also buy the insurance from this app. Below are the screenshot from the app. Very self explanatory app I must say.




Details of Premium of my Travel Insurance:

Journey Date : 10th to 24th October, 2015

Country: Thailand

Traveller: Single

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 26th April, 1986

Plan: Asia

SI: USD 25,000

Amount: Approximately INR  552

(However, please note that premium differs as per your age, opted Sum Insured, trip duration, plan-coverage opted for and location where you are travelling to.)

Gold Plan/ Premium Plan

Every plan an individual takes, there are necessary details to them. You can check the inclusion for your trip accordingly.

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 11.31.33 pm

Details of Plans are given here !

Now biggest worry is Claiming !

Claiming process – things to know while claiming the insurance. 

First thing which every Insured shall ensure is that he/she has received, read and understood the terms and conditions, exclusions and inclusions of the Travel Policy. In case of any discrepancy in the policy or concern, customer must contact the Company immediately.

In case of any unexpected or unfortunate events such as medical or non-medical emergency, the customer/Insured should immediately register the claim by providing the Policy Number at the 24*7 Helpline numbers provided by the insurer. Policy details/coverage or any other query can also be obtained by calling at the Helpline numbers provided by the insurer.

There is generally cashless facility available for travel insurance customers in case of medical claims. As soon as customer/Insured registers the claim, the executive at the Helpline number guides the Insured to the nearest hospital where customer can avail the cashless facility. In case a customer approaches to any hospital which is not in the insurers network, customer can get the claim reimbursed later. In case of Reimbursement, the customer needs to send the requisite documents to the claims department in India after his return from abroad.

At the time of claim settlement, a customer should ensure the following points-

  • Depending upon the circumstances of the case, additional information or additional documents can be asked for the settlement of the claim.
  • The documents should be in originals unless otherwise agreed by the Company.
  • Document in vernacular should be accompanied by the translation of the same in English and duly attested.
  • Insured should note that deductible amount as mentioned in Policy has to be borne by the Insured. Insurer’s liability shall apply only after deductible amount is paid by the Insured and shall be applicable up to the Sum Insured amount mentioned in the Policy. Kindly note that deductible amount does not reduce the Sum Insured and it is applicable per event.
  • No claim under Accident & Medical Section will be admitted without Doctor’s Report as per format.
  • Please keep and attach original bills, receipts, credit card slips pertaining to your claim. Every claim has to be accompanied with original ticket/ boarding pass or copy of passport indicating the travel dates.

Travel SMART , Travel SAFE

A little planning can go a long way in helping one enjoy a trip abroad without any hassles or interruptions.


Thailand trip for me looks all set, hope you are convinced to buy your travel insurance for your next trip.