Top Four Things a Luxury Hotel Can Do For Your Next Holiday
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If you’re planning a luxury holiday to New Delhi, or any other part of India, and haven’t yet considered a five star hotel such as the Imperial, you are missing out on a memorable holiday and could be putting yourself at risk of ruining your holiday with a sub-par hotel. The additional services, amenities, and room features provided by a luxury hotel are worth the extra money.

Imperial Delhi

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Here are just a few additional benefits of staying in a five-star hotel to consider when planning your next holiday:

  1. Improved Holiday Experience

You are going to be spending a large part of your holiday in the hotel, not just while sleeping, having breakfast, or during the evenings, so you need to make sure it will be a pleasant place to spend time. A five-star hotel is an ideal way to really get the most out of your holiday and the money spent on a hotel room. Many luxury hotels have a large amount of history behind them, and perhaps even a collection of antiques, which gives them character and makes staying at the hotel a big part of the holiday experience, much more than it would by staying in a generic chain hotel where every room looks the same.


  1. Relaxation

For all their perks, holidays are exhausting both physically and mentally, from being wiped out by the air journey to spending all day on your feet sightseeing. When you return to your hotel at the end of a long day, you want to relax and rejuvenate to be ready for the next day, and the amenities provided at a five-star hotel allow you to do just that. Amenities such as a spa, salon, yoga studio, or Jacuzzi are all there to help guests relax and most come as standard at a New Delhi luxury hotel. The high quality linens and king sized beds in the bedrooms also allow guests to get a much better night’s sleep and relax further. You can even take an entire day off during your holiday for a spa treatment or to relax by the pool to give yourself a break. TravelSort suggests that a hotel with additional pool service should be high up on your list of hotel choices.

Photo Credit: The Queen of Montenegro

Photo Credit: The Queen of Montenegro

  1. Better and Faster Service

About Travel says that even if a hotel or resort looks like paradise, cold or unfriendly staff will make it feel more like a prison. Unreliable or slow customer service is a large breaking point for a hotel which range from a slight inconvenience to outright ruining a holiday. Staff at a five star hotels are much better trained and will go out of their way to provide guests with everything they need while maintain a friendly and welcoming attitude. This means you won’t have to wait too long for the things you need, whether it is transporting your bags to your room or a complimentary newspaper, and you will get exactly what you asked for. If for whatever reason the hotel can’t provide exactly what you need, which is incredibly rare at a five-star hotel, then the staff will apologise profusely and do whatever they can to provide you with a suitable substitute. USA Today’s Travel Tips says that this is what makes the difference between a four star hotel and a five star hotel.


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You can also rest assured that the room will be cleaned thoroughly each day with no half measures taken. Any worries of dirty sheets or an unsanitary bathroom aren’t needed in a five-star hotel with a reputation for cleanliness.

  1. Updated Furnishings

It’s a clear warning sign of a bad hotel when the furnishings or furniture look as if they haven’t been updated in decades. This is why they’re one of the first things brought up on hotel critique TV shows. There may be dust, dirt, or even mildew on them and they generally look outdated and tacky. An outdated bathroom is probably even worse, perhaps even a health risk. Luxury hotels have the money to update their rooms regularly and replace outdated or broken furnishings. This means you will always get a comfy chair, working plumbing, and a generally pleasant looking room which you will want to spend time in.

Photo Credit : Buddha Bar

Photo Credit : Buddha Bar

If you can afford the extra money for a five-star hotel, then it is really worth it for a unique holiday experience. An unprofessional hotel can ruin a good holiday but a luxury hotel can provide memories worth taking home with you. Not only will you get everything you ask for but there will be unexpected surprises to provide an extra touch of luxury. Check out some online reviews for the best five star hotels in New Delhi today.