Top experiences in Egypt I am planning for my next travel!
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Egypt has been on my travel list when I moved to Qatar in 2012. I have many Egyptian friends, who talk about the culture, food, pyramids, etc. Most surprising they have great vegetarian dishes as well. Now that I have moved to Dubai, traveling to Egypt is quite simple. Since I always enjoy flying on the national carrier of the country, when I plan a trip to Egypt I would be flying with Egypt Air. They fly directly to Egypt in three hours with no stops. Here are just a few experiences I have planned for Egypt when I plan my next trip:

1. Walking across the Luxor Bazaar

Beautiful Luxuor Bazaar, Egypt

Beautiful Luxor Bazaar, Egypt  Photo Credit

A local bazaar has always intrigued me while traveling. The chemistry between local people & artifacts in the bazaar is something a traveler should always experience. The Luxor Bazar is located near the Luxor temple in the central area of the city. There are vendors for shawls, artifacts, spices, textile, Egyptian style apparels and much more. As any bazaar rule, I follow bargaining and cutting the price to 80% is the key in the local market.

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2. Relishing Kosheri dish

A delicious Kosheri Rice.

A delicious Kosheri Rice. Photo Credit

Being vegetarian is not very common in GCC or many countries. The same way Egypt is not very common to vegetarianism. Egyptian cuisine is very healthy as it is based around the salad, dips, vegetables and much more. When I was in Qatar, I did taste few dishes from there. However, having the local food in the country it belongs is a different experience. I would want to try Kosheri which is made of lentil, rice, macaroni, chickpeas which are mixed together with tomato vinegar sauce and garnished with crispy fried onions. The best way to enjoy this Egyptian dish would be on local food carts.

3. Egyptian Tale- Karnak Temple

Architect of Karnak Temple.

An architect of Karnak Temple. Photo Credit:

Whenever I have watched movies depicting Egyptian culture, I have been wanting to see the same in real. Karnak temple is one such magnificent creation in history, dated 2000 years back. The temple complex, paintings of God and Goddess, impressive obelisks and a veritable forest of columns and many more sites within 200 acres can be cherished at the great temple at the heart of Karnak is so big that St Peter’s, Milan and Notre Dame Cathedrals would fit within its walls.

4. Cleopatra Bath, Marsa Matrouh

Serene Cleopatra bath.

Serene Cleopatra bath. Photo Credit

Stories of Cleopatra have fascinated me with her life. Legendary stories, of her beauty, would be still be heard my girls in their school days.A dip in a cavern at Cleopatra Beach in Marsa Matrouh which was serving as the royal bath for Cleopatra, would definitely elite me the legendary stories. The water flowing out and into the cave from the Mediterranean, make it more special.

There are many more interesting places & experience in Egypt which I have planned, however when the trip gets closer I’ll share more! Till then enjoy these experiences and share with me if you know more interesting places in Egypt!

Have you been to Egypt? Tell me some more offbeat places to explore for my trip.