The LandRover Experience
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We recently had the honour to be called by JaguarLandRover India and BlogAdda for the LandRoverExperience 2016. The LandRoverExperience is designed by LandRover to showcase users the capability that a LandRover can offer in terms of off roading and rough terrain driving experiences. The track is custom built segment in the forest at Aamby Valley which consists of a small river, steep up-hill gradients and rocky surfaces that truly push the cars to their limit.

The 2016 Discovery and the 2016 Evoque were given to us – Gaurav was quick to jump on the first opportunity he got to get his hands on the Evoque and I had with me the Discovery. Both the cars are on the same platform and share the same figures in terms of engine, ground clearance and share a few features as well.


With the 2016 RangeRover Evoque

Jaguar LandRover India made us feel at home with their amazing hospitality and everything that we needed was taken care of. When we arrived at the location, we had a fleet of  2016 LandRover Discoveries and 2016 RangeRover Evoques waiting for us. These beautiful cars paired with a set of fantastic instructors meant that we were definitely going to have an amazing time with this session!


One look at the Discovery or the Evoque and you think of it as a civilized soft roader that you can take off the road once a while – the Evoque specially looks like a sleek sports car and one can’t imagine this would do such amazing off roading! Both the Discovery and the Evoque are extremely capable with amazing features like the Hill Descent Control (HDC), Crawl Mode and All time four-wheel-drive. The interiors of the cars are very well appointed with plush leather seats all around and a panoramic sunroof for you to enjoy the view when you are going off roading!


The 2016 LandRover Discovery in its true form!

The cars felt at home at hostile terrains and water baths, there were rock ships all around and loose gravel all over the track and while it was almost impossible to walk on the patch without slipping and falling – the cars managed to sail through the track with absolute ease! The instructors were extremely confidence inspiring and made us push the cars further than what we would have – we started seeing the off road capabilities of the car and we were mighty surprised at what these cars are capable of doing!

Just after this terrain, I was surprised to see the performance of THE BEAST. We had to drive through a stretch where the entire car inclined at a 35-degree angle, or I would rather say it was on two wheels. I literally had things to say to my instructor ‘Are you sure? We might not pull it off. No, way! Aaaaaaaah ? What seriously? However, I managed to drive through this inclination after screaming around while driving.

The track was in the middle of the forest and we were strictly advised not to get out unless told to, apparently there were snakes all around and it was not safe to get out – this further added to the thrill of being that experience center!


The 2016 LandRover Discovery in all its elements!

 Here is the video, we made. Watch the thrilling adventure!

 Overall, this was once a lifetime experience and I would have never imagined an Evoque or a Discovery do things that I saw them do at the track!

Thank you Blogadda & JaguarLandover team for this amazing experience!