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Travel Blogger Interview : Revati & Charles


Revati and Charles are from Mumbai and they both are into advertising. They are travelers at heart. They believe in travelling close to the ground, not signing up for travel tours, living like locals as far as possible, making detailed plans , diving into research, living it up, living it down when need be, finding rarely visited secrets, experimenting with food, learning a little of the local cuisine and travelling slow. Here’s what they have to say in the Travel Blogger Interview I did – Which country do you come from/call home keeping in mind you are #travel bloggers? When we aren’t…

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Searching for the Heart – Day 1


“Eagles come in all shapes and sizes, but you will recognize them chiefly by their attitudes.” This quote by notable economist E. F. Schumacher summarizes how a group of enthusiastic explorers set out to find a path to reach a water body only seen by eye in the sky – a satellite. “Where Eagles Dare” is a group of people who like to take adventure to the next level in the form of high altitude hikes, walking and riding on ice and being the laps of Himalayas in the most unusual seasons. Browsing through Google Earth, group founder Tilak Soni…

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