Nokia 610 review by non geeky


We all like using new handset which has come in the market….or atleast we want to test it and review before buying.. That was my simple idea for Nokia 610 … so we approached The Bloggers Mind, Delhi to help with this.. With great request and the power of relationship, they agreed to this request and sent across a Nokia 610 for us to experience the same. Guess what, Nokia 610 arrives in cyan colour at my doorstep, and I jump to joy seeing the request was approved with some formalities in such a short notice.. Specifications of Lumia 610:…

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Standup Comedy with NokiaappTASTING

Blog Post, Events

Being late for event like this, that means you are an “IDIOT”. Now I had tattoo appointment which got delayed due to my non resistance to pain and reached the event late by 1 Hour. Apologizes for that. With the massive needle penetration and convulsion, I still managed to be part of the event and active with games and quizzes irrespective I was just waving my hand for all activities , advantage of sitting close to stage direct view of Mr. Rajiv Makhani  and he listening to whatever I was whispering. As I enter the elephantine room of  Taj Land End, I see all unknown faces and…

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