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Sheroes Summit- Delhi 2013 Session III & IV


              Sheroes Session III- Powering Life – My way Interesting Panels here: Jagat Rathore Keya Rathore Sangeeta Singh “One of the most courageous thing a woman can do is to identify herself, know who she is, what she believes in & where she wants to go” said Sangeeta Singh.  Her idea speaks volumes about the importance of branding and positioning to make one visible.    India has more female doctors, surgeons, professors & scientists than USA. Every woman in our life is an incredible example of why we should respect strength and not power. The Sheroes…

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Nokia 610 review by non geeky


We all like using new handset which has come in the market….or atleast we want to test it and review before buying.. That was my simple idea for Nokia 610 … so we approached The Bloggers Mind, Delhi to help with this.. With great request and the power of relationship, they agreed to this request and sent across a Nokia 610 for us to experience the same. Guess what, Nokia 610 arrives in cyan colour at my doorstep, and I jump to joy seeing the request was approved with some formalities in such a short notice.. Specifications of Lumia 610:…

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