Standup Comedy with NokiaappTASTING
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Being late for event like this, that means you are an “IDIOT”. Now I had tattoo appointment which got delayed due to my non resistance to pain and reached the event late by 1 Hour. Apologizes for that. With the massive needle penetration and convulsion, I still managed to be part of the event and active with games and quizzes irrespective I was just waving my hand for all activities , advantage of sitting close to stage direct view of Mr. Rajiv Makhani  and he listening to whatever I was whispering. As I enter the elephantine room of  Taj Land End, I see all unknown faces and filled with people.. Upset of being late,  Couldnt find my blogeshwaris  group.  With a warm and welcoming smile by Vineet made me at ease. Taj staff placed a chair next to to blogeshwari’s and got a radiant smile over me. Apologizes of no photos as I was injured to use my Canon 7 D which was lying in my bag.

Confused what Event I was talking of.. for people who reading this post New. This event was about #Nokiapptasting in association with Indiblogger hosted by Mr.Rajiv Makhani and Mr. Vikas Khanna. The ballroom was filled with giggles, chuckling and amusement. I was thinking now how can two hosts one little bit familiar to me from NDTV Good times and other looking as if wearing someone else’s blazer on him.(Im sure now he is gonna reject reading my post ) The pun intended here was Vikas being a chef had amazing Punjabi accent and affable Rajiv with his unique ability of standing for hours and getting clicked with  bloggers..needs lots of willingness to endure by oneself.

When I entered i saw the app testing of  —-Let me re correct tasting- as free following wine I could see everywhere, but the steward thought I was minor and never served me 🙁 Vineet. ..are you listening..! —– was being displayed on the billboard. Apps like making ugly people look good(vice versa it is ).. and Simran ..(Now must be thinking beautiful damsel from DDLJ..But there your pervert mind goes wrong)..check here who is Simran here .. the sushil Simran was well explained by Rajiv.

The look on Vikas was most of the time lost.. thinking what am I doing in this technology world.. So everytime an app was discussed he would carefully listen to Rajiv.

Different apps where discussed during the show, now naming them for a foodie like me is gonna be utter crash on Nokia front. So getting Vikas on this show make sense to me.. As all gadget gyaan with no food is no way to Indian audience. But I can name some app which were discussed like, Hello Vino, Food spotting, and the above app which makes people look ugly.. Cant remember the name as was concentrating on Simran and Rajiv Standup Comedy. The unique requests for making new apps was the next attraction between hosts and audience. Requests like  finding perfect match, and to remove men who do not speak properly or are rude…. Well my take of making new apps was – My mother keep things here and there and then I cant find them ever. So apps where we can store our home  items and location of the same in the wardrobe- This comes when you fight every morning to find your stuff.

Poonam Kaul, Directors of Communication, Nokia got cherishing smile on everybody faces where people could win Lumia and Pureview in different events during the show and offline through blogs. Then I was thinking to myself, on the show I doubt I would be able to win even a prize with injured back and offline..No chance..with so many experienced bloggers.. A Newbie like me has no chance.

The enchantment of the event was the food and tech quiz .. And Finally I saw major interest from Vikas as finally his strength was foooooood.. First time ever in quiz history, Yes or No answer was passed.. and It was more funny when the entire joke was laughed by Rajiv and the audience then is when Vikas understood. This was so natural that we as blogger felt connected to both of the hosts. Question like National Soup of India, fullform of CDMA , many questions made the audience open google and check to win the prized from Nokia. Blind Soup tasting was the finale of the event, where the girl duos ..(absolutely didnt know if they were here to dance or to play Quiz. As Vikas said pure luck was with them to win this quiz) . Interesting character as Sadarji who eats his food without salt.. as he forgot to mention the same in the list.

The event ended by a great cake cutting by Indiblogger team, and we blogeshwaris presenting card for the entire team for being 5 ears young still. Kuddos to the team to bring a such beautiful mix of event.

My attraction here was Rajiv, only because of my one comment that ” I unfollowed you as you talk about only tech which can be referred through google. Incase you evsery spoke about yourself it would be more connected” . This line got him tweeting to all that night.. and I got follow back too. Not to forget Vikas was bored posing for pictures for each blogger, where Rajiiv was active like a papparazzi.

Sumptuous food and wine couldnt be enjoyed by me, as hat to rush home.. like 40 km away from Vashi.. and then pain from tattoo wouldnt want be to enjoy.

All in all, good experience to meet different bloggers, connecting with new genre of industry and running to eat cake 🙂

You can view pictures of the event thorough links before.

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