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Soul Riders and – Harley Davidson Elite Riders Should I say ?
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How many of you have been lucky to get your passion and dream within 2 weeks in a new country?..Not many..right.. Well I got a chance to feel my passion , and dream not any other place than #Doha, Qatar.

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The Bikerni- Association for Female Riders in India..Soon (International)

Being a women rider (The Bikerni member-Association of  Female Riders in India) , in a punctilious culture of Doha was something that  you would always have raised around you.. No matter India, women riders always have had  heads and eye turning to them. Very recently learnt riding over Royal En-field an Yamaha always dreamed of  being with Harley owners.. And Yes Soul Riders- from Doha gave me this amazing feeling of bonding in new culture and diversified culture of Doha. Mr. Khalid Alhamadi , Team of Soul Riders, ensured that language not being barrier for the new biker in the group and the same warmth being given.

Today was the small meetup with the group members, where the ride started from Le Boutique to Pearl , Doha and experienced the thrill to be on Harley CVO Ultra Electra Ride..and some stunts and willies.. I must say the 1800 Cc touring bike made me fly with the weight of size 0 in front of me. Not to forget the music companion along with the rides..made it quiet easy as pillion, to avoid from being bored on the bike. Think while long distance and riding solo.. Ufff.. Nothing can be better compare to this Harley.

With the temperature around 11degrees, I was nearly freezing to cold as pillion. And realizing this , Khalid started the heater which would give warm effect for the pillion and even the rider holding the handle.. Nothing could be better than riding this in the heavy temperatures of Swiz.z.

Thanks to android world now days, that mobile battery knocks of within some hours. So keeping the battery conscious for hours is something my worry always.. Hell ya !this bike is like mini room for the tourers.. You also have battery charger for the phone,  mobile holders,.. etc.

Doha, Soul Riders, Harley Davidson, The Bikerni, India, Biker, Tourer, Haly Davidson

Road Glide

Doha, Soul Riders, Harley Davidson, The Bikerni, India, Biker, Touer, Haly Davidson Doha, Soul Riders, Harley Davidson, The Bikerni, India, Biker, Touer, Haly Davidson

Small visit to Harley Davidson Store,, made me feel like a child.. ..Saw just METAL….COLORS..NICHE..everywhere. Saw some Road King Custom, Street Bob, Sportster, Dyna, etc.. (Wait for more pics coming soon ).

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Day ends with some groups photos of Upcoming International -The Bikerni- Indian Woman Bike Association of Female Bikers : India ..along with me (still in process) ..

Upcoming International The Bikernis- Soul Riders

Upcoming International The Bikernis- Soul Riders

Vision of Harley Davidson ” We fulfill dreams inspired by the many roads of the world by providing extraordinary motorcycles and customer experiences. We fuel the passion for freedom in our customers to express their own individuality” (Feel this by being part of Harley)