Renault Lodgy Review
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Renault Lodgy (MPV Beast) Driving Experience:

The drive was for about 100kms which was definitely short round trip for the quest I have for driving. Along with testing this super smooth car even on Goa’s narrow roads, each team were given task from “Spot the Item and click picture” and tweet. To do list was like “ Spot the Buffalo, sport a Pink Umbrella,Spot the fish, etc”. With wide widescreen and big window’s of this MPV  each member from team had enough space to do the spotting.

Unfortunately being the queen of social media, I wasn’t able to drive this time the car enough .I was busy in first half of the drive by completing the spot! I drove only for around 10 km but that would be enough to understand the power & comfort level of the car.The first set of kms we had 110Ps variant , which definitely would make the driver excited to hold himself to press on accelerate. When I think of MPV I think of space, comfortable leg space and absolutely no design. But lodgy definitely has pleasant design and it is not very caravan style.


While the rain lapped us the whole time, we enjoyed driving in Renault Lodgy in Goa alleys.

  • The practical seating space for 7 people was good enough for Indian large family.
  • Second row seating was little elevated which helps the passenger to see in front , which a person like me would enjoy.
  • The knee and leg space is something I enjoyed as I could turn around in my seat without being hit.
  • The cabin is big and the driver space is enough for no elbow touching.
  • The lodgy interior leather cover feels plush , soft and durable.
  • Reversing camera is a big boon when it is an MPV.Quite liked that .
  • Biggest advantage in today’s world is charging point. Glad to see that each seat has its own charging point. How come no other car thought of it till now ?One very reason or rather the best reason for you to buy this car!
  • Centre console is a big eye catcher, with 7 –inch multimedia navigation touchscreen.
  • Now with streaming music from my smart phone is what a road tripper wants , then having cd slot nowadays.
  • Rear seat passenger having their own ac control is also an advantage as it helps in heated city’s of India.
  • Storage areas are sufficient at the front. On top of the dashboard is a big, covered storage compartment.
  • The sleek cup upholders & a rectangular cavity to park your smartphone are very important thing.
  • Gearshift quality is smooth enough, although some notchiness is evident. Where the short-geared Innova is noisy on the highway, the Lodgy’s 6th gear makes for relaxed cruising.
  • The boot gives 207 litres of space with the third row upright, which makes me fit my surf board and cycle !
  • I like how the rear quarter glass is wide and doesn’t make third seat passenger claustrophobic
  • The engine was quiet enough, however any noise from outside is muted at good level.
  • Under the hood is the familiar 1.5L K9K diesel engine that powers a wide range of Renault & Nissan cars in India.
  • The Bluetooth connectivity was great .I tried in other car to call a friend too!
  • Keeping in mind, the Indian roads, Renault Lodgy has given a sweet spot to suspension and handling balance
  • I love Chrome grill.It give a very neat feeling and has distinctive design. Also the conclave bonnet design gives an aesthetic look.
  • I noticed that the Lodgy’s wheelbase is longer than the Innova’s, even though the overall length of the vehicle is shorter.
  • Renault Lodgy has been launched in India with an introductory price range of INR 8.19 to 11.79 Lakhs (ex-showroom in New Delhi) which I believe is very competitive for its features.

These are some of my observation and experience for Renault Lodgy.


Renault Lodgy “ Take the world with you” Now that is exactly the feeling I got with this comfortable car!

You can see more on the features & also download the brochure for the Renault Lodgy.

I was a part of the #LiveLodgycal Drive by in association with Renault India