Pizza Acrobat Chef Barbasso defies all laws of physics- Jw Marriott Mumbai
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JW Marriott Mumbai hosted Italian pizzaiolo master Pasqualino Barbasso known for his acrobatic pizza-spinning and twirling dough skills.

Chef Barbasso held sessions and live demonstrations for hotel guests and restaurant patrons, including the few lucky us who got to see his magic live!

Multi awarded winning Chef Barbasso has travelled all the way from Sicily to showcase his talent and has held a number of pizza-throwing displays during evening dinners at JW Marriot, Mumbai.Pizza Acrobat_Chef Pasqualino Barbasso - JW Marriott Mumbai (2)Pizza Acrobat_Chef Pasqualino Barbasso - JW Marriott Mumbai (3)

Barbasso began his pizza acrobatics at his family’s pizzeria Falco Azzuro in Cammarata, Sicily where he still works when not travelling. He won the World Pizza Championship for two consecutive years in 2001 and 2002.

At this promotion,we got to taste pizzas prepared with true Italian traditions from Chef Barbasso’s hometown in Sicily. Some of his signature pizzas include

  • Arrotolata (Artichokes puree, ,artichokes, mozzarella, bresaola, rocket ,parmesan flakes)
  • Sapori di bosco (Tomato ,mozzarella, porcini, pork sausage, pepperoni)
  • Lilly (Mozzarella, shrimps ,artichokes ,caviar)
  • Asparagi e salmon (Asparagus puree ,asparagus, mozzarella, smoked salmon, herbs ricotta)
  • Alle noci (mozzarella, walnut puree, speck, walnuts, parmesan flakes)
  • Veggy (Tomato ,mozzarella, assorted grilled vegetables ,balsamic reduction)

Surprisingly before this I’ve never thought that the pizza community could be a whole world in itself. And these kind of recipes I’ve tasted for the very first time. I mean like who has used walnuts on their pizzas? And trust me, that one with the walnuts was yum! And each one of them was a delight and something new and very different. Kind Chef Barbasso let me try my hand at pizza acrobatics and the dough got fell flat and got stuck to my hands 😛 It’s a tough art indeed, not everyone can do it!

Showing off some incredible dough-handling skills. Watch as he sends the base for his pizza pie soaring into the air, never once coming in danger of dropping it.

Watch his unique style of acrobatic pizza here :

Thank you JW Marriott for this lovely acrobatic pizza dinner 🙂


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