A sui generis experience – Iftaar with a twist – Novotel Al Barsha’s 365 All Day Dining
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Are you tired of eating the traditional Iftar dishes? Are you bored of eating at the same traditional Iftar places? Are you looking to try a new Iftar cuisine?

If you answer “Yes” to any of the questions, then Novotel Al Barsha’s 365 All Day Dining’s Iftar should be your plan for today’s evening.

365 All Day Dining is an American theme diner that offers a unique Iftar experience which is a mix of several cuisines from the Americas. The restaurant is able to maintain the authenticity of the cuisine by importing most of the ingredients directly from Brazil, Mexico, and other American countries.

The dishes are made using different types of chilies such as Habanero, Chipotle, Arbol etc. from various regions of the South American continent.

We reached later than the Iftar time and thus had to wait for 15 minutes so that the staff could arrange a table for us. We started exploring the restaurant to pass the time that we had on our hands.

The place is bright and vibrant. It was magnificently decorated with stars and the moon to add to the Ramadan celebration. The diner has a capacity of seating approximately 125 – 150 guests. However, the banquet halls on the same floor can accommodate a lot more guests. The star attraction of the place is a food truck-themed grilling counter which was running quite busy.After we were seated at our table, the waitress promptly got us a customary appetizer bucket filled with dates and nuts. This was followed by a plate of chicken wings and grilled meats to start our journey.

We moved towards the salad and cheese bar post savoring the chicken wings. There were two different types of the salad bar. The traditional salads with 7 different types of dressings and another one which had some pre-mixed salads.he pre-mixed salads such as the Rocca salad with fried Halloumi, Chicken salad with Sumac, Panzanella salad or the Caprese salad offered a chance to taste a mix of traditional ingredients with an American twist.

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We got to meet the Executive Chef of the Diner, Mihir, who walked us through the complete concept of the “Iftar with a twist”. As he rightly mentioned, the diner is popular among the expats and local community who are looking to try a different Iftar which offers them a unique experience.


He was gracious enough to make us a special corn beef and a chicken hot dog which was the highlight of the eve for us. He also sent across some chicken and fish skewers which were grilled to perfection at the food truck.We had never heard of some of the dishes that were on there on the palette. A traditional chicken biryani was replaced with Jerk Spiced Roast Chicken with Paecca Valencia. The fried chicken had an alternative in the form of chicken and waffles which came along with a Cajun sauce. Believe me, when I say that Chicken and Waffles is the most amazing thing you will ever have if you love fried chicken and also have a strong sweet tooth. If you love the Mutton Seekh Kabab, then you would definitely become a fan of the Lamb Meatballs with Fajita sauce. For the fish lovers, the local favorite hamour cooked with pine nut and tomato gives a relishing option.Novotel-Al-Barsha

We moved on to the desserts with our taste buds satiated after the amazing main course. The dessert section too was a split between the traditional and western desserts. When on one hand you were tempted to try to the kunafa, on the other hand, you were allured by the apple crumble pie. There were a variety of cakes that added to the grandeur of the dessert section which would definitely fulfill the sweet craving of anybody.


The overall experience

365 All Day Dinner offers you an experience which I doubt is available anywhere else across the UAE. The restaurant is a perfect place to experience the different American dishes which are equally appealing as the traditional food. The place is a perfect combination of novelty and value for money.

Other information:

  • Location: Novotel Al Barsha, Mezzanine floor
  • Timings: 7 PM to 10:30 PM
  • USP: American cuisine, corn beef and chicken hotdog, Chicken and waffles
  • For reservations or more information call: +971 (0) 4 304 9000