Norwegian Seafood Council Event – GulFood 2016
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GulfFood 2016, was something I was eagerly looking for, as I heard there is a humongous stall for foods from various countries. I was excited to try them even after being vegetarian. As I have always said my connections happen over twitter and networking. I met Knut Helge Vestre CEO of Prawns of Norway at waterfall located in World Trade Centre. He was trying to find the stall and I happen to know that location. Hearing I am foodie & blogger invited Andrea Bailey (Dubai Partner) and me over for sit-down seafood event with Norway brand Ambassador H.E. Jens Eikaas.

H.E. Jens Eikaas. Norway Brand Ambassdor

Norway brand Ambassador H.E. Jens Eikaas

The evening event organised by the Norwegian Sea Food Council during Gulfood brought together some of the best chefs in the industry. More gourmet restaurants in the UAE have added to the increase of seafood imports which is good for the economy of both countries.  It also was an evening where the freshest of seafood was on display for the guests to sample. The location of the dinner was at Fairmont , Dubai located near World Trade Centre.

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Cold Water Prawns Norwar Fairmont Dubai

The event was opened by the Norway Consulate General H.E. Jens Eikaas with an introduction to the growing business ties between the UAE and Norway. What then followed was a live display by a top Norwegian chef Sebastian Myhre who showed the different techniques to cooking sea bass, salmon, prawns, oysters and clams. The Michelin chef  has been working as a consultant to his own company dÓr Sebastian Myhre for the past five years and works tirelessly to promote Norwegian fish and seafood across the globe.He demonstrated the ways to avoid over-cooking so as to preserve the natural flavour of these sea foods.

Norway Seafood Chef Group Photo

While he spoke, guests at the event were offered bite-size tastings of a variety of delicately spiced seafood. The prawn hors d’oeuvres was topped with lightly spiced mayonnaise while the sea bass was gently grilled in butter. I happened to be seated next to the owner of the Cold Prawns of Norway Company. He explained in detail the long process of trawler fishing for the prawns and the growing imports of the same by the UAE.

Oysert Fairmont Dubai

Salman with cripsy Farimont Dubao

During dinner, I had the opportunity to talk to a chef about his participation in events such as these during Gulfood. Once the live cooking exhibition was finished, the dinner buffet was opened and it was a delectable spread including risotto, fresh salads and beautifully arranged crab, clams, prawns, oysters, salmon and sea bass. A wide range of desserts topped off this amazing dining experience.

Salmon Norway

Fairmont Hotel WTC Dubai Desert

Have you tried Norway seafood? What’s your experience?

Text by Andrea Bailey & Rutavi Mehta Photograph by Rutavi Mehta