Martini and Grills at Novotel Imagica – Perfect Monsoon Evening Getaway
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Monsoon is in its prime and you surely cannot miss a visit to Novotel Imagica for an amazing scenic getaway and steaming savories they offer. It was my first-weekend getaway, after a long wait, for this monsoon and I was already chilling at Nitro Bar, Novotel Imagica.

Nitro Bar, is a lovely contemporary indoor bar and restaurant which serves beverages with a quirky twist to add to the fun and the flavor of the destination. It is named after the famous roller coaster ride ‘Nitro’ at the Imagica Theme Park. Let me also tell you that this happens to be my favorite ride in Imagica. The experience during the rains, when the water lashes on your face, while I sat on this ride, was priceless and a completely different experience.


The evening saw some peppy talks, warm music and a slight drizzle outside. This made it a perfect time for sumptuous Grills and the Martinis menu. The event started with a great activity where Gaurav Magoo, Director of Food and Beverages, wore the hat of bartender just for us. He demonstrated to us, the making of Classic Martini – which was really strong for me. Then he showcased a lighter version of the martini which tasted like a rose which was kind of offbeat. That was called – Dolce & Gabbana Martini.


Traditional Martini at Novotel Imagica

Now here comes the fun and activity part! When it comes to an activity I am like a child. We were divided into teams of 2 and were challenged to create the best cocktail with the available choice that came from the chit we picked up. Wola! My chit was Vodka. Since my partner and I were completely clueless when it came to bartending, we decided to make an Indian version of Kattha Meetha drink. We stirred up our drink with vodka, kiwi, sprite, lemon, mint, and pineapple. I used all my imagination and taste buds to get the best cocktail one could drink. Other bloggers made fantastic drinks from Tequila and whisky, and I was sure ours turn out to be just okay. Gaurav and few other bloggers tasted all the cocktails one by one and as I had thought Ekta & Puru’s, Mingling Tequila, was the winner. The martini concoction activity was great enough to set the evening for some mouth-watering grills.Cocktail-Concussion

Now the time had come for something I had been waiting for. The ambiance was set for tasting the charcoal infused flavors of the grills. The vegetarian grills included pineapple & watermelon, lemon garlic cottage cheese and bell peppers and vegetable shashlik. Nonvegetarian grills included Chicken Yakitori, Grilled Jumbo Prawns, buffalo steak and different types of sausages. I must admit that most of us loved the watermelon and pineapple grills and they turned out to be the best dishes from the grills. The grills were really lip smacking and we actually made a whole meal out of them.


Pineapple & Watermelon Grill- Novotel Imagica



Smoked Sweet Potato & Vegetable Grilled Patty at Novotel Imagica Khopoli


Chestnut Wrapped in Lotus Leaf

The night continued with drinks and good food and connecting with other bloggers and writers. So what are you waiting for? Plan your next weekend to Novotel Imagica and try their grills and martinis.