Living a dream of Flight Attendant
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“His classmates were clapping; his principal was patting his back and his parents were beaming. He was walking towards the podium and…”, the alarm went off. Mrs. Dassani came into the room to wake her 8 years old son, Yashas. Lazily, Yashas rubbed his eyes and got dressed. It was a normal day at school and 3rd period was going on. There was a knock on the class door and all the kids looked in the direction. The principal entered the classroom and cleared his throat. The room all of a sudden went eerily quiet. He started to speak and told about a contest and that someone from this class had won the contest.



He invited the guests who were standing outside the room with the prizes. The winner was none other than Yashas Dassani who had participated in Lufthansa’ s ‘Your Announcement’ Contest.


The global contest invited children from 9 different countries and make an in-flight announcement as a crewmember. The contest challenged the children to explore their imagination and creativity. The airlines received more than 250 entries and Yashas was one of the finalists amongst 14 children; after public voting, Yashas became the winner.


Wolfgang Will, Director, South Asia, Lufthansa with his team surprised Yashas at his school and gave him the big news.


Yashas has won air tickets to a European destination. The cherry on the top was Yashas would be making a welcome announcement on the flight he will be travelling with. He will be the youngest aspiring crew member on a Lufthansa flight.

For now, have a look at Yashas’s bubbly video that will put a smile on your face.

Alas! His dream came true. 🙂 


Ps: This was on a review with Lufthansa Airlines.