#Livelodgycal -Travelers Drive with Renault & Blogadda
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After Rickshaw Run, I kept myself away from any travel or road trip, as I just wanted a quaint days back home. I kept working on the videos for the run, when an email” popped up” from Harish . The email states “Invitation to test drive Renault Lodgy Drive” along with top 40 bloggers from India. Blogadda akaHarish made my dream came true, as this year my pilgrimage visit to Goa happened just once in Jan. Usually I do 2 trips in 6 months, having location advantage. I was definitely on Cloud no.9 as Harish to be part of this driver and also kept each blogger always informed on various update on #liveLodgycal Drive which made me more exciting.

As I say, very well pre planned & executed Drive by BlogAdda & Renault!

Here came the banners, to flaunt on my social media for this #LiveLodgycal Drive -19th to 21st June “in Goa.


The buzz spread across the blog sphere of this monsoon drive in Goa. Another email popped up, and mentioned that we have created team of four members for this drive. I was excited to connect with other bloggers. Our team was named “Cartoosh” consisting of Satish-social entrepreneur , Madhumita- Marketing Professional  & Murtaza-Film Critic. My team was the first one to launch with such cool banner (below)  for the team . The twitter timeline’s were taken by curating team names and various discussions on #livelodgycal pre planning.

Team 4 Cartoosh Twitter Image

When the destination ” Goa ” was mentioned , most of the bloggers  I am sure where thinking of

Beach, Drive, Monsoon & Comfortable Renautl Lodgy”!

It was definitely an overwhelming feeling to be part of 39 bloggers from all country to be driving across the all new Renault Lodgy in the alleys of Goa. To add to the adrenaline of driving the spacious Renault Lodgy , I was also looking forward to connect with variety of bloggers from Lifestyle, fashion , food bloggers, travel bloggers,etc.My last year drive with Renault AWD Duster was definitely something I can’t forget.  I definitely would say driving the beast around the off roads in Lavassa was something that I rejoiced truly and GUESS what! My sister got convinced and brought Duster in Dubai !

My adventure started right through reaching airport , where I requested a running Tab Cab passenger to drop me to airport all the way from Navi Mumbai after my taxi got cancelled because of the heavy showers in Mumbai for that day.


Beautiful Abode- The Leela

Now these three days, I leisured around alone in my room, surprisingly I didn’t share with anyone, whereas most did and some “envied for having me single room” . Our abode for weekend was The Leela , which looked impeccable as one of the luxury hotel in Goa is built-in 75 acres with personal pristine beach , golf course , a huge walking area for buffet,this was like never-ending space for food lovers, etc. This property was so huge, I bearly could see beyond 5% of the hotel. Important part for any hotel beyond luxury or facilities is the food layout & scrumptious deserts. I must say all bloggers (especially food bloggers) did enjoy the spread here. This was the apt abode I just wanted during my weekend.Not to forget the water buffalo in me, loved the swimming pool and bath tub in room.










Event Experience:


The session where I was talking about “Power of Affiliate Marketing” Picture Credit : DeckleEdge


Mr. Manish, the production manager, Renault India sets the stage with features of Renault Lodgy

Mr. Manish, the production manager, Renault India sets the stage with features of Renault Lodgy

Presentation on Renault Lodgy features!

Bloggers spend time at the Leela Beach!

Bloggers spend time at the Leela Beach!

International Yoga day on 21st and we pose for whacky picture!

International Yoga day on 21st and we pose for whacky picture!

Now that's called family car!

Now that’s called family car!

Panel discussion led by Prateek on Power of blogging!




Here are couple of interesting videos:


The official pictures from the event are also up on the official Facebook pages of Blogadda and Renault India.

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I was a part of the #LiveLodgycal Drive by BlogAdda.com in association with Renault India .Big Thank you to Blogadda and the entire team represented by Harish, Ankita 1 and 2 , Sushma & Tribid who handled crazy gang like us!  & Renault India for such a wonderful monsoon rendezvous in Goa with Lodgy.