Khaan Saab
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“My name is Khan and Iam not a terrorist” Dun worry I am not writing a film review, but giving you a very different experience to food and restaurant which I recently visited in Hyderabad- State of Nawabs as always addressed . The sumptuousness of Hyderabad cuisine is every rich and colossal.

Something similar was when I visited Khan Saab restaurant with  burrp City manager Rajat  Bhigge (Hyderabad) to experience the Nawab style cuisine. This restaurant  serves Indian, Mughlai, North Indian, Grill , Kebabs ,Peshawari , Hyderabadiand and North West Frontier.  As you start finding this restaurant, in the mall called GVK where as you enter the mall, you will see these huge aquarium with great array of fishes like clown , sharks, and some  unkown fishes with polka dots, and some with stripes (sorry not into fishology), you will hear the doorman of Khaan Saab asking you “Aap Khaan Saab Dundh Rahe ho” just near the lift.

Entrance of the Khaan Saab

The restaurant entrance has these enormous stairs like in our Hindi Movies ..when the heroine is asked to run from the first stair till last ..and phewww…three episodes are over in it.. It also gives a feeling of you being on  Titanic ship, as you are coming down the stair and Leonardo is waiting down. Actually the reality hits when the staff comes and wishes you “good evening” in typical telugu tone. The stair leads you to the sitting area and there you will see glimpses of silverware on the table from far.

Eating Style

Taking your eyes around the restaurant, you will come across huge painting of kings, swords, beautiful chandeliers,etc. This one particular Chandelier took away my attention for more than atleast 10 mins. Seeing the flashes and glimpses of restaurant you will think, it would be highly expensive for a couple to dine here. With such opulent and captivating ambiance, the prices had to be a notch higher.But ideally,for a couple it would be between INR 1000 without alcohol.


Being seated on the chairs, eyes fell on the silverware used for the setup, which gave us the feeling of nawab already. Was just waiting if I get to see some dances as well (too much expectation from me).


Todays menu was appetizers including fish kabab and chicken tikka,. They were succulent, irresistible  and mouth-watering. Being a vegetarian I couldnt comment on this , but I could guess it from Rajat when he mentioned about his experience while eating. Then it was the time for  main course where items were again evenly spread and had a distinct flavor. Dal makhni was very flavorful and sumptuous   , that I didnt leave even a drop of it in the bowl served. Chicken Lawabdar and rotis to go with..was the combination for any non vegetarians.

Not to forget the Biryani and Chicken Peshawari were really good (heard from online reviews). We dined with complete satisfaction knowing that it was a value-for-money experience.  The portion size for each course is little much more than two. So we had to parcel some of the food for midnight party as well.

No food or cuisine is complete without dessert or Paan to go with it. Had a magai Pann priced INR 30 which completed any space left in my stomach as well. So since timing was an issue we closed with the billing and headed towards exit .

Gigantic Elephant


12:00 PM to 3:30 PM, 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Do you love elephants? Have you ever tried to go close? Arre Iam not watching National Geographic, but Im talking about Khaan Saab only. There is gigantic model of African Elephant, where you can click your next facebook and twitter between the Tusks. This came as a great surprise to me.

Great cuisine , ambiance and sumptuous food makes it Value for money!