Hotel Formule1 says “#ChaltaHaiNoMore”
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With 200 days of travelling as a Travel Blogger, what do you think would be my first preference in hotel would be ? High Speed Internet, right? Yes, very much as I have to work on the go as well. Since we all love travelling be with business, or personal, we will still take a selfie on facebook to show we have checked-in a new swanky hotel in the city. The primary role in our travel is accommodation, safety & food. For me, especially breakfast plays a very important role as since my meeting or sightseeing goes for long hours and I might just miss my lunch .As traveler, I am sure you cannot deny when the price is apt for perfect amenities and other services that makes your stay memorable and relaxing in busy life.

With this same thought Hotel Formule1 comes with “#ChalthaiNoMore”attitude”which aims at delivering what has been promised to the consumer . They offer complimentary hi-speed Wifi , soundproof rooms, refreshing breakfast , comfortable beds,express check-in & check-out and 24/7 security.


Many times, it has happened with me , that a business hotel says “Hi-speed “internet while booking but as you check-in It doesn’t have enough speed. The #chaltahainomore campaign by Hotel Formule is to drive their staff NOT to use “Chalta Hai” attitude while serving the guest. Now I would love to experience a new change in hotel industry where each request would be taken care of the staff with great enthusiasm.


When I saw their video ,which highlights the same idea , I am hoping to see a delivery of customer’s right . The idea behind the video is to discourage “Chalta Hai “ attitude. Now please avoid the overacting by the driver in the video, I was also like “Kya hain yeh”but then it is video production maybe he was excited to work in it..hahaha  .But the message of the video is something I can relate to as traveler. Hotel Formule aims to appeal to domestic corporates and frequent business and leisure travellers looking for a Rest Assured great value stay combined with quality service and facilities.They have already opened Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Gurgaon, Greater Noida, Hyderabad, Pune Hinjewadi and Pimpri. Opening soon in Nashik and Chennai. Their Pune Hinjewadi as already been announced as winner of Tripadvisor Certificate Excellence of 2015 .

The best part of the hotel I found is the pricing, as a corporate & business traveler, the companies which has regular travel would get amazing rates around INR 2000 with breakfast. In today’s world, rates to hotel plays an important role as even flights have reduced in a great way . Like I had book my spice jet flight to Mangalore for just Rs.800.


So as Hotel Formule 1 says “#Chaltahainomoreattitude “ will create the change in business traveler life.

Have you stayed in Hotel Formule1 ? Try them and share your experience with me ! Happy Travelling !