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 Why is it so difficult to think Goa beyond hotels? No doubt that most tourists always look up hotels as their first choice when they hunt for an accommodation. But what makes Goa so interesting and captivating is that every traveller can do things more than just holidaying or visiting Goa for the beach bliss. Hotels in Goa are luxurious and having amazing warm hospitality but again but one is confined to the boundaries that they draw. That’s how villas in Goa give one their own space with time and break away from the crowds at the beaches and touristy places.

I was in Goa a year back. I stayed in a villa which was referred to me by a friend. Since we were a group, we wanted our time of fun and activities. I wanted to experience the charm of lazy afternoons by the pool and spend idle time rocking in a hammock under a coconut tree reading my favourite book after a delicious home cooked meal of fresh fish, salads, curries and rice. Now with hotels, there is always a time attached to them as each hour is accounted for.

Recently I discovered Goa Villa, a villa rental company which has unique and real authentic villa properties in some of the most charming and hidden places of Goa. Not only do they have villas in secluded places, where reaching to, would take an eternity, but they also have numerous villas at popular destinations.

Palolem has been my favourite beach of all times in Goa. South Goa invariably is my kind of a place than North Goa is. Every destination you choose Goa villa has various categories of travellers that they to cater to. They have a luxury, comfort and standard villas, where each traveller can get a villa, suited to their budget and luxury accordingly. Goa villa offers Mysore palace, a luxury villa overlooking the sea harbour which has elegant and modern rooms to suit luxury class. This incredible property has a private pool, 3 spacious bedrooms, a large living, a lounge area, and a vast and lush garden with direct access to the beach. Now when I look for property my first search is to look for one, with a swimming pool. I like to laze around by the pool with my favourite book during holidays. A quaint villa away from the crowd, but not short of activities, can make an ideal place for your stay in Goa, a memorable one.Goa Villa, Goa beaches, places to stay in Goa, Palolem, Goa travel blogger, Things to do in Goa, Goa sighseeing , Goa villa, goa hotels, places to stay in goa

Subsequently, they have villas even for budget travellers, but there is no compromise in the services and ambience. Candolim is mostly preferred by European tourists because North Goa is the tourist capital of Goa. Well, let’s not forget the water sports which really interest most of the tourists here. The Dream Valley Villa at Candolim by Goa villa has a European ambience. Now, what can be better than staying on the beach! Between your soft feet, you have the sand and the stunning view from the property.Dream Villa 1Dream Villa

Not only do they have great villas, they also provide a host of services which might be chargeable in hotels. Wifi, breakfast, a driver on the call, maid services, personal chefs, airport transfers and many other services are offered as per the villa that is being booked. Even if you are travelling with your family, the most important priority is kids. They provide baby chairs, a baby cot and a stroller too!

Goa Villa is something I would try during my next trip to Goa as they have wide options to choose from including location, facilities, budget, etc. and make my trip memorable one. Maybe I am actually done with staying at hotels. A villa experience is definitely vivid!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, however all opinions are my own.