Gift a Smile this Diwali with Lufthansa
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When I was teaching in Ladakh in 2014 to underprivileged mountain kids , I remember the joy and innocence on their face when they hear words like “Sweet”, “Crackers”, “Diwali”,etc.

I used to spend my one month till 2014 out of the whole year in Ladakh mountains to teach the kids to recite and remember poetry, make puppets, create libraries for their learning.

Unfortunately this year, due to accident during Rickshaw Run, I couldn’t manage to plan a mountain trip this year.rickshaw_accident1

For travelers, traveling is liberation. It is a passion to discover new culture, new experience and give back to the society in someway.

Many international travelers, teach English, work as volunteer in return to learn about culture. A young little boy named “Wongsa” during my puppet- making class , asked me “Teacher, Do you travel in a plane”? The little twinkle in his eyes while saying this was so warm that I thought, he must be seeing planes flying over him and must have wished to go in them once.

With all amorousness, I told him the story of how I come from Mumbai to Leh in plane. The story went for an one hour and I decided then itself, when I go back to Leh, I’ll take Wongsa to a trip to Delhi and give him the experience of plane.

Now that Diwali is just around the corner and I happened to notice a great Lufthansa Diwali Campaign. I want to surprise this little guy with a plane ticket this year. So I applied for  Fly back to your loved ones  to show that love is not only about the people who you are born too.

I saw this video recently where this old grandfather was missing his grandchild and how he used to spend Diwali with her. While I hardly watch TV, this lovely emotions of missing loved ones showcased by the ad, definitely touches your heart.

Showing love across to human race is something you will rejoice as good deed forever.

So click HERE and send your wishes quickly to your loved ones this Diwali !

Ps: This post is made possible by Lufthansa but views are personal.