British Airways- Emotional Connect in Air!
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“The reason birds can fly and we can’t is simply because they have perfect faith, for to have faith is to have wings.” By  J.M. BarrieThe Little White Bird. Traveling to a destination is exactly like keeping your trust and faith in the new place. For years, people have flown by airplane experiencing the heights, procedure of check-in, airline food and much more. When I was 18, I had the privilege of experiencing my first flight. My sister gifted me a ticket to Chennai, while she worked there. Until today for me, flying is always about the thrill, compassionate experience, the joy of new bonding’s and culture. I love how airlines make the effort to make you feel at ease while you are doing a long journey. Something that connects British Airways with their passengers.

‘British Airways has launched many short stories on social media. This one,#fuelledbylove is all about loving India back since 1924, the year they started flying to India.

British Airways has always stricken a cord with their heart-warming video. I remember seeing ‘Go Further to get Closer” some time back, which again brought tears to my eyes of how a middle-class couple takes their first flight, and their first trip internationally as well.

Fuelled by love Campaign – British Airways

British Airways has come up with another short story that will bring both a smile to your face and a tear to your eye. It is about a flight attendant, Helena Flynn who is apprehensive of flying for the first time to India. She meets an elderly passenger, Anandi, onboard who is traveling back to Hyderabad to meet her family.

The video showcases a bond between the air hostess and the passenger beyond than just service relationship. The way the elderly lady is cared for by Helena during the journey helps both to bond. A warm approach while  Anandi misses her son, Helena comforts her and makes her watch a movie, shows the emotional moment & comforting atmosphere.

I have traveled across many places where I met many strangers who share their meal with you.Something similar happened with Helena as well. On reaching to its destination, Anandi invites Helena to a special function at her home. The important theme of the video revolves around Indian Hospitality and the makers of the video have captured in one of the most awesome and heart throbbing manner.


British Airways connect to an emotional side of a passenger along with the employee as well.

And the #fuelledbylove video makes me want to buy a ticket right at this moment & jump on the next British Airways flight to London. I’ll get to experience their #LoveIndia one of a kind service personally, and I’ll also explore London which is on the top of this Travel Blogger’s bucket list!

A must watch a video!

What do you think? Have you struck a deep bond with a stranger that later turned into a special relationship while you are travelling?