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Four Seasons Wine Tasting and Cooking at Novotel
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How many of you think that Wine is a style statement and can be understood only by a very well drinker with information?Most of you right. The statement by CEO Mr. Abhay KewadkarHead UB – Four Seasons Wines and Chief Wine Maker still runs in mind when he said ” Wine is a drink. Enjoy the way you enjoy whisky, vodka or any other beverage. Wine is not about how old is the winery, how the glass is to be hold, how to pair it with some cuisine,etc. But it is about enjoying the drink the way  you cherish other beverages and gradually after  likeness the quality of engaging in tasting will make you an expert.

Mr. Abhay Kewdkar giving speech about Wine Tasting

So event, was about tasting Four Seasons Barrique Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon and Four Seasons Barrique Reserve Shiraz in Novotel hotel in Juhu in  GADDA DA VIDA terrace bar along with cook out of Arrachini­ Risotto balls ? stuffed with mozzarella and topped with sun dried tomatoes with the Chef Ranveer from Novotel hotel.

Wine Tasting

Chef Ranveer explaining usage of wine in the today’s dish

A small speech by Mr Abhay kewadkar regarding the purpose of the event and types of wine they serve is something kept me wondering.(. Why I have been a vodka drinker till now).  Pairing of wine with cuisine is important in some places to enhance the flavours of the wine. While conducting an event in Kolkata they created a new list of special dishes from Kolkata and paired it with the wine which suits the pallete. So they are planing to introduce the same to Maharashtra cuisine and pairing the right taste of wine.So then being from Gujarat,( cant leave Gujarati behind),  I was thinking if there is an event in Gujarat( Incase the state plans to remove the dry state policy).. what will they pair for khakra , dhokla. (jokes apart). The idea to pair wine with cuisine would be  interesting for people like me who have little knowledge. You can understand the basic types of wine and the history to start with from Four Season website as they have complete understanding about it.

Chef Ranveer introduced himself and mentioned the different types of wine he has tasted and thought of using the same in today’s dish as well called “Arrachini­ Risotto balls “. Bloggers and wine aficionados were divided between two groups of Non Veg and Veg and asked to start making these balls. The difficult part was to match the beauties prepared by Chef and me trying hard to prepare the dish. The fun continued till we were served the dish which was then given a proper touch by Chef Ranveer ..I’ll share the recipe in the next blog for foodies…..

Setup for the cook out

Non Veg Section Cooking Setup

Describing the styling of Arrachini Balls

Prepared Arrachini­ Risotto balls

There were also varied dishes laid out in the buffet area which could be used to compare along with wine options. The ambiance of Novotel lounge were swimming pool and lazy chairs made the event more comfortable and interactive.  Mr Abhay then had long conversation about Royal Enfield bikes and his interest as he realized that I had shot the Rider Mania Event for them 2011. So any next event , he would definately want an update from the team. So @royalenfield would now be informed for new member to be added on the list..

After great wine and food on Sunday lazy morning, wish there was  dip in pool along with it. (Thats asking for too much now ). The event was ended with thanks giving speech by Mr. Abhay and Check Ranveer .

Lazy Wine

PS. Big thank you to Karina Agarwal – @giggle_water  and Ginger Claps for sending me the invite and acknowledging the presence.  Big thank you to Fours Seasons Wine  Team and Novotel for the amazing experience and fun time.

Group Photo