Fashion Hacks for Women Travel Bloggers through Online Shopping
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Whether it is an off-shoulder dress or a formal shirt, every woman who travels either for leisure or work, needs to have a right wardrobe, handy always. Let’s be honest – fashion can be tricky! Fashion might lead to many misconceptions especially for a travel blogger, for example, extra luggage, sore legs because of high heels, extra time and much more. As fashion evolves in supersonic mode, I have always kept myself up to the latest trends in fashion in various ways. However, I have never written anything in my style or what I wear during these travels. But after regular questions from various people, I decided to share a few of my top fashion hacks that you can follow, during your trip, to keep you in style.

Being a travel blogger in no way means that one should not be presentable while traveling. I feel everyone should look exceptionally presentable at all times, even while taking a flight or traveling for long days with a tourism board where one doesn’t get a breather to change clothes for different events. This happened with me on my trip to Macao. I had a day filled with sightseeing and then formal dinners at night. I would wonder how I could keep my luggage light and still look sexy the whole day.

While shopping, another trouble that I find is spending time trying out various clothes in different showrooms each day. That’s why in this past one year, I have moved to online shopping. I find that quite apt after knowing my size and requirements in detail.

Depending on the weather of the place, one might need a jacket always. A light jacket helps me from windy and cold places. The best part is I don’t need to carry two jackets for airplane or dinner. I picked up trendy jackets which suit my dinner and traveling as well.Flower-Printed-New-Fashion-Jacket-2016-Jackets-Woman-Women-s-Autumn-Winter-Full-Sleeve-Coat-Women

My love for various types of dresses can be told from the shopping I have done in these two months. My wardrobe has more than 70% dresses which suit any kind of travel. I picked up Arrow’s flare dress which helps during long sweaty summer travels. To go with it I have cap and sunglasses! Also, these dresses are light in weight, so if you fill your luggage with various dresses, then you will surely thank me.Arrow-New-York-Navy-Printed-Fit--Flare-Dress_1_861b59794a51bfaccf91dadcdb686c57

Now comes the comfort part! I have seen many travel enthusiasts, who have joined, who are always struggling with their outfit.  If you don’t pick out your clothing items carefully, you might end up fidgeting with your outfit every couple of minutes, unable to have any fun at all. What’s a seasoned world traveller without the perfect pair of shoes? My shoes are always fancy but comfortable. Belly shoes for a market walk, a flight or a dinner perfectly suit my long travels.bellabelleshoes

I have suggested a few of my tips from my wardrobe. All of these are easily available online. Just plan your trip and start shopping right from your study table.

Picture Source: Arrow, Google & Soul Photography