A Eulogize by Virat Kholi for Indian athletes who are ‘Made of Bold’. 
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A traveler needs to have courage and perseverance because of unknown situations of various natures, which might cause hindrance. Similarly, an athlete needs to have invincible grit, courage, and boldness in achieving any medal that they have been aiming for.

Keeping this thought in mind, Royal Challenge Sports Drink has come up with Made of Bold video for the frenzy fans of Virat Kohli. The video is so deep in supporting various sports that I actually felt deep about it. Virat Kohli brings you the stories of bold men and women who put their entire life to strive a line of appreciation from us through their love of sports. Virat Kohli being a youth icon with his never-say-die spirit and aggressive attitude fits perfectly well with the spirit of #Playbold! Cricket being the only sport, which gets maximum attention in this country, this video shows the behind the scene challenges of other Indian athletes. Our athletes in the fields of running, boxing, weightlifting, wrestling, shooting, kabaddi, archery and others are not in competition with cricket playing nations but other countries athletes who are well trained with modern facilities and best coach.

Some current social media trends show that people are bolder when it comes to expressing themselves, their ideas, and their aspiration for life; but not the people from small villages and towns who are usually sports friendly but always miss the much-needed backing. I would say most of us don’t realize how an athlete lives a dual life. We never realize the sacrifices they make for personal occasions, physical and mental tensions while they are at the game.

This video has beautifully captured the essence, the culture, and vision of every athlete. It talks about the challenges, their vision and the sweat which goes in, that make them such fine athletes. The video truly speaks about a striving hard day that an athlete has in bringing the glory to the country. They do not have the corporate life of 9 to 6 where they can rest in office hours too. They work hard daily for the practice and the daily physical activity that can make many of us have odd faces. An athlete is a winner when he comes to the field. Doesn’t matter if they win or lose!

“Jis desh ki ragon mein khoon se zyada cricket daudta hai

Wahan kuch ansune ankahe irrade bhi daudte hain, khamoshi se.

Ansune anjaane par kisi se kum nahin”