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Do you travel to unexplored places in India? Share them on Lonely Planet and Win!
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Lonely Planet India being one of the most popular information for travel, accommodation, shopping, sightseeing at quirky destination to explore across India, they have decided to crowd sourced more hidden destination across India through this online digital campaign of 45 days called ” India Unexplored” .

‘India Unexplored’ will see participants submit their discoveries of lesser known destinations across India where the campaign runs from 4 October to 17 November, 2014. The travel brand in association with Skyscanner , which is leading global travel search site and many other campaign partners like Outdoor Gear, Wrangler, Skybags, Polaris, Pungdungee Safaris, etc have decided to give away prizes worth more 3 lakhs. The idea is to find yet undiscovered , lesser known places in India with the help of travellers. The discoveries are covered under various theme like See- which means sight seeing, So – Means activities to do around, Eat- Great places to fill your mouth senses, Shop- Quirky things to buy. The campaign is running on following website http://unexplored.lonelyplanet.in/home/index.html

Top three mega prize winners will win a holiday for two to offbeat destinations sponsored by Linger Guesthouse, Pugdundee Safaris and Joy Resorts & Hotels. The top three discoveries from each of the special themes – See, Do, Eat, Shop – will be given merchandise by Wrangler, Outdoor Travel Gear and Skybags. Entry for the best image shared will get merchandise from Wrangler, the best video entry will get a holiday for two at Linger Guesthouse and the best trekking discovery will get a Skybag. They had ear bird prizes from Polaris India and F&D Audio.

To participate in the ‘India Unexplored’ campaign, one must submit a discovery about a destination in the country.This destination should be listed on Google Maps. Participants can submit details about the place, images and videos about the destination. The entries will then be moderated by Lonely Planet. Each of the entries that areeligible to be published on the website will be allocated points. On the basis of the number of points earned, the 3 mega winners will be decided. There will be a panel of 3 judges including travel experts to select the winners of India Unexplored campaign. The winners will be picked on the basis of ratings given by the judges who will judge the entries basis parameters such as nature and uniqueness of the location of discovery/ entry, quality of content in the description, image aptness and quality, frame and creativity in the image caption and video relevance and quality as well as visual content.

You can understand more of the campaign terms and conditions as well through here: http://unexplored.lonelyplanet.in/terms.html

As traveller or backpacker or explorer we all have own favourite places where we can boast saying “ I found this place” , so now is your chance to show to world about these quirky places across India.

India Unexplored is great way by Lonely Planet to help travel seekers to get information from each other directly. It is also great way to get the crowd- sourced information about these discoveries, where the information is lying around internet through various online travel portals or individual facebook pages or individual blogs as well. So its great that they are getting the discoveries in one place and then maybe launch a new guide of the same.

Lonely Planet promises Indian travellers better travel planning, richer experiences and more memorable holidays to share. Heading the Lonely Planet operations in India, Mr. Sesh Seshadri, Director of Lonely Planet Indiasaid, “India Unexplored, Lonely Planet’s innovative digital campaign, presents the opportunity for consumers to engage with the Lonely Planet brand via various interactive online mediums and win hosts of exciting prizes. This campaign is targeted at all those travellers who love exploring the lesser known destinations. Like our guides enable travellers to get to the heart of the destination, through this campaign we aim at exploring the undiscovered with enthusiastic travellers. They get to participate, submit their discoveries, share details of those discoveries via photographs, videos and share their travel experience. Our previous digital campaign called Escape Express was adjudged as one of the best social media campaigns of 2013, this year we are aiming at a much higher engagement and success.”

Lonely Planet is the world’s most successful travel information provider with 40 years of experience in the travel information space. And this is their another effort Escape Express to keep supporting travel community.

Do see various entries and discussion from travellers across India on “India Unexplored” campaign by Lonely Planet.

Discoveries by many travellers for various theme being showcased


Lonely Plant Indian Unexplored, #IndiaUnexplores, Travel Contest, Travel Bloggers, News, Breaking NEw, Photographers, Backpacker, Luxury traveller, India destinationa



Now take out your hard drive of pictures and note you made during your travel and participate in “India Unexplored” by Lonely Planet !!