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Day 1 – Mumbai to Jaipur – Solotravelling to Pushkar
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Whenever the word solo “Women”  comes, the first question arises to the human mind, “Is it safe” to travel in new city?  How about staying alone in hotel? Arent you watching Crime patrol(A series on real life incident towards crime on national tv)?

These all questions definitely came to my inquisitive  thoughts, but I always knew from my heart if you travel safely and cautiously then even a woman can travel none other than a man.  So here I decided to visit world’s only Camel Trading Festival called “Pushkar Mela”. Or you can also call the “City of temples.

So the month I decided to book my tickets, I was penniless. A gentleman (that’s the contradictory of him) Rohit Uphadhyay booked my tickets through goibibo in the month of October only to avoid these airlines making money later from poor middle class youth. So he guaranteed me that even if you arent ready to leave for airport they will remind you to go as thier messages are very active. and trust me that really helped .Now thinking it would be working day before being transferred to new job, he booked and evening flight to Jaipur which would land 10pm in night. That’s where my apprehension got more over my mind, as solo travelling for the first time and reaching the city late .

Trip advisor and makemytrip played a massive role in giving me the option to book a hotel with amazing real time experiences by the guests and travellers in Jaipur. Being solo traveller late night stay would  be more  feasible then to travel in night for another 2 hours to Ajmer.

My flight was for 22nd November, around 8pm from domestic airport and I decided this time to travel from Navi Mumbai to Vileparle in train. Direct train from Vashi to Andheri at 5pm was the safest play to reach on time or rather 45 mins before the check-in. Always heard the concept of travelling light from people who have been in biker fraternity and solo travellers. So this is the first time in my all journeys, I was traveling only with one baggage ! Eureka I achieved the Tagline “ Travel light always”.

Whenever, I have moved from Navi Mumbai to Mumbai for any purpose I always wonder, what would be the future of this Mumbai with no trees. In Navi Mumbai after every distance of seconds I see one tree. And in Mumbai at every distance of seconds I only see building and restaurants. So appeal to people reading blog, try reducing papers as much as you can and use maximum your computer or mobiles to read newspaper, articles. DO NOT print office documents if not required, rather use hard drives to store them .

Gosh, taken by the Mother Nature emotion. Coming back to my travel, to reach airport, I got down at Vileparle station. Now this information was clearly derived from my tweeple. Some sweet people like @ajindam, @ssethia007, @pushpz, @rinashah @talkortweets , @rushabh69 and rajat bigghe. But most of them forgot to mention if it was east or west. However, I forgot to ask as well till I reach station and realized that I got down at the wrong side and again will have to ask rick guy to take to Vileparle East which is closer to airport.

Boarding happen within 20mins and the flight took off on time Indigo Airlines as always, so I was at ease that hotel driver will not have to wait. All short journey in flights are boring as you cant even sleep and cant even work on anything. Aparently while walking on the pathway  to find my seat and being busy in live tweets , I suddenly heard my name being called “ Rutavi “,and I look ahead, It was Priyanka Singh- my colleague from my previous organization who now had become Air hostess. So now on in flight menu is free for me .. lol . She offered me some great juices, dinner and tea&coffee. (Suddenly my co-passengers were interested to know if I was an Air Hostess, how I wish ). My neighbours were a sweet old couple who still kept themselves active by criticizing each other’s action. He (Mr. Sharma ) mentioned that bcz of Ms. Sharma Im gonna become bankrupt soon as she just shops where I take her..(Nothing new Uncle, all aunties have similar actions). The flight took off at .8.30pm and landed Jaipur at 10.pm.  As soon as I land, I receive a call from the driver that he is waiting outside. A sigh of relief that he has reached on time in a new city made me love the city more.

Hospitality being in my blood, will never let me go and that’s what made me land in this situation which was just coming. Seeing the tourist attraction for these dates, I had verbally booked with Hotel Kalyan on the reference of Hotel Pearl Palace owner Mr . Satpal Singh, as during that time Pearl Palace had no availability of rooms. Now after landing , driver informed that Pearl Palace had room for me. So was excited as would get to stay in the much awaited beautiful hotel for budget travellers called “Hotel Pearl Palace”. But on the same front Hotel Kalyan room which was booked and now seen and was defnately not upto mark. So the driver Saleem , mentioned “No matter where you booked you should like the hotel”.  This made me finalize my decision that I would like to stay with Pear Palace only.  The hotel staffs were very courteous and warm as entered. Being a budget traveller hotel, it never seemed to me. Ambiance was designed with lots of artifacts like elephants, sculptures, etc. Skilfully done carvings on the wall of the pathway along with ceiling painted in the unique Jaipur style fine work. At a very reasonable rate of INR 650 per room, the decor of the room was very stunning (wish could research more for word on dictionary for being more expressive) . Towels were used to make these artistic Swans …walls had these paintings of Jaipur kings and queens. It gave complete feeling of staying in Jaipur  to a new traveller in city. I would definitely recommend this hotel on all portals for budget travellers to use this hotel during their visit in Jaipur. Also there is amazing roof top restaurant catering cuisine from different places and ambiance was of backyard garden with artifacts. Again seeing the place you might feel its expensive, but Puri bhaji for me during breakfast costed only INR 60.

Jaipur Hotel Pearl Palace Breakfast

Morning breakfast

Pearl Palace Hotel – Jaipur

Hotel Jaipur

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Hotel in Jaipur

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