Cleartrip app Review
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After the era of smart phones ,

I believe most of us don’t event look at our mac or laptop. Since I’m making my travel plans to Thailand, I happened to use the updated ClearTrip app for all my on the go bookings. I would like to share the key notes of this app and how simple it gets even on 3g connection of the phone. The idea of any app is to work flawlessly in 3G connection and not only on wifi. Cleartrip app works with no room of thought for lag. It is quick, smart and apt for smart phone users. There is very less requirement of typing and most of it works with click and swipe. I have reviewed several section of the ClearTrip app . Ill walk you through some of the functions.

Installing of the App

The cleartrip app can be downloaded from this link here. If you are an android user then you can search it in google store and if IOS user, then in app store. However, since I’m an android user this installation is based on the android installation. You would be need a good internet speed or wifi for this installation.

Clear Trip App review Installation

Open App Store and look for ClearTrip app! 

Clear Trip App review Installation

Select the country you belong to !

You can use Facebook login directly!

You can use Facebook login directly!

I installed the app within 6 minutes. It was smooth , clean and no pop up process while installing. You would be asked for country, they have whole lot of country for selection. You can login through your facebook or make a new account. I chose facebook as I don’t like to make new account every time I install an app. Many think if they share their facebook login details, the app will post on their timeline. Most of the app says clearly says they DO NOT post anything on facebook . Once you register with facebook , you are ready to use the ClearTrip app.


They have divided the categories as to Flight, Hotels, Weekend Getaways, Trains, buses, & offers. The next division is Trips, Plans, Wallet, Expressway & Settings. I have explored quite lot of settings in the app to get the hang of it. Interface of the app is very smooth with no lag, great use of space, and well designed. Let’s go step wise on my exploration for cleartrip app.

Flight Booking

With the never ending dynamic changes in the flight rates, this becomes an important part of any travel booking portal. Since I was heading to Thailand in October, I decided to check out this sector on fight booking as well.

Clear Trip App review Installation

Click on flight section to book your flight.

Clear Trip App review Installation

Select the Start City !

Clear Trip App review Installation

It gives you the option of family size .

Same calendar you can select to and fro date.

Same calendar you can select to and fro date.

While choosing the flight, the heavy sector automatically falls as first priority . You can sort the flight as price, departure and duration . Any errors you make ,it doesn’t pick up and gives you a notification. It also very smooth process between selection of return flight as well. Incase there are any offers and deal for the sector or flight type, it gives you a great  line on top of the flight details for any offers. There is also a comprehensive listing of your to and fro destination and the price in one short after you finalize your tickets.

Cleartrip App review

Flight details & Offers tab!

 Now there was twinkle in my eyes to see the offers blue pop up 🙂 I wondered being international sector if there is any good offer Clear trip provides. Well yeah, it does! Some of them I have showed below ! There was also an offer of Rs.8000 cashback on international flights 🙂

Clear Trip app review

When you click on offers, this is what it shows!

Cleartrip review

When you click on offer tab!

Cleartrip app review

The final page for flight rates and booking.

Payment of the booking

The payment system is so crisp . I was doing all this only on my 3g. Not even once I started my wifi. There was not more than 6 second for each step to follow. They have 3 option: Credit/Debit, Net Banking and Wallets. Now I am a big user of Wallet so that I can even use Uber as well and when I require it. So it leads you to payment booking which is wizard healthy and I m sure you can handle this part 🙂

Cleartrip App Review.

Payment options on the App

Voice Reading

Now sometimes when I m bored of typing, I actually try to use voice reading in my phone. I tried the same on the Cleartrip app. Well it does understand an Indian tone and does open the sector properly. However my return date was something it couldn’t understand well. Maybe it was due to my tone , maybe 🙂


Cleartrip app review

Here it notifies me when the dates go wrong.

Hotel Booking 

Along with flight, another thing I always book on application is hotels . As most of my trip is spontaneous I hardly get time to find and review. Couple of important thing while booking for hotel , especially in the app is price, services being offered , and review. Now imagine if you have all these in one app and not look for them in several other apps, wouldnt that be a boon ? Oh yes ! Cleartrip app for Hotel booking has this. You can sort the hotels by price, distance , feature, rating , and savings. It also gives popular cities first and then you can manually type which one you would like to book .Screenshot_2015-08-04-16-21-39

ClearTrip app Review

This option shows hotels with price.

This option shows hotels with good saving.

This option shows hotels with good saving.

The best part about the hotel booking on the cleartrip app is integration of Tripadvisor ratings and review. It will always helps one to choose the best hotel while on the move as well and not book something and then regret. The overview of the hotel shows even the facilities it has. I was kicked to see about the wifi mark. The results for hotel booking are refined through rating,price, location,etc

Hotel reviews by Tripadvisor.

Hotel reviews by Tripadvisor.

Cleartrip App Review

Overview of the hotel.

Sorting of hotel selection

Sorting of hotel selection

I am a visually attracted person. I usually book my hotels after seeing the pictures. Are you same like me ? 🙂 Then be happy they have integrated even the pictures so crisply in the app that it downloads pictures even in 3g connection. Even the hotel important details like services and amenities are very strategically indicated.

Cleartrip app review

Pictures of the hotel.

Amenities being showcased by the hotel.

Amenities being showcased by the hotel.

Another important factor in any travel app is that ,whenever they host a place, the map tab takes you to google maps which means you have to leave the app.I like one thing of Cleartrip app that when I have to search for this hotel, I click on the map it opens right into the hotel area still showcasing all details like the price and the hotel name.

Map showcases the hotel.

Map showcases the hotel.

The app claims to have Lowest Guaranteed Rate for the prices of the hotel. It gives you option to book category wise and also all the inclusion like breakfast, wifi,etc.


Weekend Getaway 

This tab is an impressive feature on the Cleartrip app . Weekend Getaway around the city you are living gives you less headache of searching on net for  your next place in weekend.



It gives you options as to how to use this section by giving example for search results. So I decided to select some weekend getaways close to Mumbai as location. Very simple pricing hotels it picks for the search and then you can select as per your requirement. In the search results, you can sort by price, Tripadvisor rating and featured hotels. I like the way they have divided the getaways as well.  According to one’s interest you can divide into hill station, Wildlife,urban escape,etc. 


Cleartrip App Review

Train Booking

Now something that every Indian is going to love it. I have used many application for train and to be honest there is nothing so clean, smart, perfect like Cleartrip app. They have amazing databank which loads so fast when you put to and fro destination for your train travel. I like the way they have interface all the station in destination . Eg. All Mumbai stations comes together if you select from the populated list. Since I was booking a train for my photographer partner Tinkesh, who is going to Chhattisgarh for a Tourism trip, I decided to check the trains available from here only.

Screenshot_2015-08-04-16-27-23 Screenshot_2015-08-04-16-27-43 Screenshot_2015-08-04-16-29-16

The train list populates with the prices of tier you selected the distance, time and hours. You can sort by price, distance and time. Not many train app have this inbuilt in them!  They also have ticket status on the app which must be definitely pulling the ticket status from IRCTC website.



While booking a train ticket you have to link your Cleartrip account to IRCTC account .This is mandate from Railway India to keep proper status on tickets keeping in mind it is never-ending highest sector of travel.

Other Settings

Beyond the booking tabs, they have more setting to see what all you have booked with the app yet. Like Trips, Wallets, Expressway ,etc. Your clear trip history of booking gets stored in this tab. Incase you are in hurry and do not want to go through all payment procedure they also have expressway where you can book your ticket with just one click.

Screenshot_2015-08-04-16-31-22 Screenshot_2015-08-04-16-27-12

Overall Experience

Overall the Cleartrip app is very comfortable, easy to use, great interface, no lag and apt for smartphone users.  Also the customer care direct line option is big savior in case you get stuck.It takes to your dial pad and the number flashes is Customer care number of Cleartrip: 095953 33333. Being a free app, this is an apt trave app booking that your smart phone should have ! As I experience more of this app , I might add more details but I can conclude and say Cleartrip is chic. 

I would rate Cleartrip as 4.7 from 5 . Go download it today 🙂

Note: Please note that this review is on invitation by Bloagadda . However, views and experience are always personal to me.