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Bali always enthralls various tourist from different nationalities for its white sandy beaches, incredible restaurants, vibrant & colorful local life, aesthetic traditions and rice paddy fields. My recent trip to Indonesia with Skycanner, which was my first trip to Indonesia, mesmerized me to visit again with a drop of a hat to this country again.  Should you be planning a trip to Bali soon, then try experiencing these places which I truly enjoyed myself.

1. Hues of Sunset at Ulutwatu Temple,Bali

Sunrises and Sunset are the first sights I always crave to see in any country. Arrive at a good hour before sunset to explore the Balinese sea temple, which is Indonesia’s key temple perched high on a cliff. The sight of the sun setting where every minute the hues changes is a sight to behold. Since the temple is within the forest, hundreds of monkey dwell here. The monkeys are notorious or rather good business traders. They attacked my friend Josie to snatch her sandals, and only returned when we offered to give some food items. As any Hindu temple, you have to cover up below the knees, they do provide sarongs though.


Stunning sunset view at Uluwatu Temple, Bali, Indonesia


2. Discover Hidden Beach


Green Bowl Beach


Pandava Beach


How the nightlife at the beach brings glitter to the life.


Beach restaurant set up these lovely seats to watch the sunset

From 18000 islands that Indonesia has, imagine the coastline they would be proud of. Many undiscovered tropical beaches would be just a ride away. I discovered that the beaches in Bali have the power to rejuvenate within second of their glimpse. Green bowl Beach, south of Bukit Peninsula, is my favorite from all the beaches we visited, the soft white idyllic sand, turquoise blue water and suffers enjoying their tranquil time near the horizon. As it is always said, to find a quiet hidden each on the country where the tourist is in abundance is a paradise. The entire beach changes the way they look in evening and midnight. Music and lights cover the beach for a great nightlife.

3. Pay respect to the Balinese Culture


Witnessed the Pendent dance when I was welcome at Grand Mercure.

Things_to_do_in_Bali Places_to_Visit_in_Bali


Barong dance character creating interesting expression.

Even with the pace at which tourism is growing in Bali, the local Balinese culture has not been abandoned by the local people and it still continues to enthrall many tourists. I loved how they decorated the outside of their shops and homes with ‘Canang Sari’, which is an offering of flowers, food and other things to the Gods and ancestors. Many hotels and cultural centers have cultural dance shows. Try to attend at least one of them!

4. Enjoy a Sumptuous Fresh Food


Nasi Goreng and Bebek Goreng are a must try in Bali.

bali_food Tops food items to be eaten in Bali


The colorful variety of Balinese food relaxes the eye.

Being a vegetarian, I had great options to try out; most of my friends had earlier mentioned that there weren’t too many options for vegetarians there but I ended up trying out a lot of Balinese food. A must try is the Nasi Goreng and the Sirsak fruit juice. Surprisingly the Indian restaurant – Gateway of India – is rated as a No.1 restaurant here. I liked how the fresh vegetables were served here. The food was diverse because of many different cultures that were attached to each island. I was drooling over Tempe for most of the time! You can check out these various hotels in Bali which offer some amazing Indonesian food.

5. Cozy up to a Boutique Hotels

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    Beautiful cozy room at Boutique hotel, Tijilis, Bali

    Beautiful cozy room at Boutique hotel, Tijilis, Bali


As I mentioned, colors in Bali can really pep you up. Tijilis hotel in Seminyak does that.

Homestays and boutique hotels have always topped my lists for accommodation. I would recommend an experience in a beautifully designed contemporary hotel.  I stayed in Tijilis in Seminyak which had a great location and a chic feeling to it. Ideally, the best of the hotels, with good designs, are not at all expensive.There are many hotels in Bali where you can experience relaxation.You can get a full Bali experience by checking out these top 7 Best Value Hotels to Relax in Bali by HotelsCombined.”

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6.Rock in a traditional Balinese costume

Before watching the traditional Kecak dance below the giant statue of Vishnu, I decided to immerse myself in the traditional culture. So I tried the traditional Balinese costume at Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park, where professionals draped a skirt and other clothes that were figure-hugging. The lady highlighted my face with makeup and I eventually ended up with a fabulous hairdo for my long hair too. I rocked in my modern style.

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How to reach Bali:

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This is just a quick glimpse into the things that you should not miss in Bali; however, there are many things beyond this list which you might discover. It would be great if you could share your interesting lists with me as well.