Atlantic Point Backpackers, Cape Town, South Africa.
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They say, traveling gives you beautiful ideas. How true. As it was a 9 month expedition of South America that planted the seeds for a backpacker in South Africa, which is set to become a benchmark for many others.

South America was great adventure for Tim and Denis, 2 friends, and travellers, but staying at backpackers wasn’t always a great experience for them. There were some good ones, and there were some bad ones. That’s when the idea originated in their young minds to have an international quality backpackers which would ensure a great time for guests. The idea has now become Atlantic Point Backpackers, at Green Point, Cape Town, South Africa.

The Place

Atlantic Point is a modern and trendy place and is strategically located to give you access to Waterfront in just a 5-6 minute walk, and to other major attractions of the city like Long Street, table Mountain, Signal Hill, Lion’s Head and Camps Bay in just a short drive of 10 minutes. It is nicely built, with a lush-green lawn that offers you a place to relax, a swimming pool and an area to play golf.

The place has an inspiringly high hygiene standard. The dorm rooms are very spacious and comfortable and were cleaned thoroughly every day. The private rooms are tastefully decorated, with attention to detail. They can give any hotel room a run for their money.

A good breakfast ensures a great day. This means a stay at Atlantic Point will ensure a lovely day ahead for you. There is a wide choice of fresh breakfast that is served every morning. A big kitchen and dining area ensures that you don’t have to wait for turns. The kitchen also offers you a chance to show your cooking skills to others.

The common area is a nice, amicable spot where travellers from all over the world meet and interact. While you can engage in fun activities like table-tennis, it is also ensured that others do not get disturbed by those rejoicing in the hostel. Wi-fi is not restricted to just the common areas, but is available to everyone, at every corner of the hostel.

e reception has boards and notices for the tours that Atlantic organises. They have tied-up with Juma, for some exclusive tours that he has customised for people.
A rooftop bar, offers both, an indoor seating area and a terrace area, so you can choose your spot as per your convenience. Th Braai, organised every Wednesday on the roof-top, is a great time to catch up with travellers from across the globe and savour on some mouth watering delicacies prepared by the staff.











The People

I can summarise the section by saying, it’s not a backpacker, but a home. And what makes a backpacker home? It is the people there.

Meet Tim, the co-owner of Atlantic Point. An outdoor guy, who loves running up and down the mountains. And meet James, the water boy who loves surfing and watersports. Or meet Denis, the extreme fighter who loves martial arts. Spend some time with them and know more about the unique trio that gives the most amazing experience to travellers in the heart of Cape Town.

And just in case you are unable to catch up with them, meet the fantastic and amicable staff that comprises of people from around the world who come and work/intern at Atlantic. This is done to bring in people, and groom them so that they learn skills when they go back to their own country. And a young set ensures, as the owners get older, the business remains younger with a young staff who directly manage the guests. Not only this, staff from across the globe ensures that every traveler, no matter what language they speak in, is assisted well by the staff at Atlantic.

The young and extremely helpful staff brings in a lot of energy and good vibes to the place.
They go out of their way to help their guests and share their stories. So whether you are a solo traveler, or a couple who likes their own space, or a group who has come to explore and have fun, the staff at Atlantic will ensure you always feel comfortable there.

And staying at Atlantic Point is never complete without a tour with Juma. An extremely knowledgable and friendly man, Juma has customised some tours himself. He will go out of his way for his guests in every way – from helping them explore the place, to sharing his knowledge and experience with the people.
You wont find many guides in Cape Town who would hike up the table mountain with you. But meet this man. Not only he will hike up with you, but would assist you at every step in case you face any problems. His customised Khayelitsha Township tour is an eye-opener for tourists who like to see a different side of Cape Town.

My Experience

From the time I stepped into Atlantic Point, I started to have good vibes. I was greeted on the reception by Francisco Assis, or Chico like friends call him, and he was kind enough to show me around the hostel and assist me to my room. He also helped me with the different tours that are possible and contact numbers of different people, in case I need any assistance.

I went out exploring the city, only to come back at night. I hit the bar and met Fiona, a lovely girl from Frankfurt, Germany and Ella, from UK, who ensures everyone pays for the drinks before having them. Haha. While at the Bar, met a bunch of travelers from other parts of the world and had a fun interaction with all of them before I hit the bed.

Most of my interactions with people there happened at the bar, at night, as i was busy exploring the city throughout the day. The next day at the bar made me meet Mike Clarke, a fantastic young man from New York. Drinks always ensured a good conversation with the staff and fellow travellers there.

I was also lucky to catch up with Tim and James, the co-owners of Atlantic and have a conversation about each other, travel stories and experiences.

A late night wine session, where I invited everyone to try the wine I was carrying back from the vineyards ensured I met a lot of other staff members too, but my bad memory and a wine tour earlier in the day has hazed my mind enough that I cannot recall their names. But they were a great bunch too.

The wonderful set of people ensured that I extended my stay at Atlantic by an extra day. Not only this, on my last night at Cape Town, I cancelled my plan to attend the BRAAI and meet everyone at Atlantic Point, before I leave the city. The BRAAI was a wonderful experience, and everyone was more than happy to greet me there. Tim was kind enough to take me to the platter of delicacies himself and suggest me what all to try.





Awards and Recognition

The quality service and the international standard backpackers have been awarded as the best backpackers on numerous occasions. But that’s something they never boast about. They continuously better themselves in pursuit of excellence and perfection.



All in all, my trip to Cape Town got better with a stay at Atlantic point and I would highly recommend people to book the place on your next visit there. Even, if you do not end up booking there, make it a point to drop in and enjoy the BRAAI, or explore with a tour with Juma, or just drop in to meet the fantastic staff and owners of Atlantic point who would be more than happy to share their experiences with you.



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