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Adidas Originals- Celebrate Originality through Street Culture
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Adidas Originals range never fails to captivate the style sense of youngsters. Keeping in mind how youth loves to experiment with fashion, the brand comes up with distinctive collections.

adidas Originals set a milestone in the world of vogue with products that are designed not just to be chic and trendy but also comfortable.

adidas Originals captures the youth’s imagination. Time and again.

The way youngsters like to think out-of-box, so does adidas Originals. The brand likes to support and boost the love youth have for the unconventional forms of art. Therefore it won’t be wrong to say that adidas Originals is all about the creativity and zest of young minds.

adidas Originals Collision, Mumbai

The purpose of this Collision campaign was to promote the various forms of street art, to generate interest in them. It was welcomed with great enthusiasm by youngsters and did bring about a revolutionary change in the world of street art in India.

adidas originals believes that every individual is ingenious. Not only their products, but all their campaigns too, aim at making the people feel special. Β #AllSuperstarsUnite campaign was launched to redefine the term ‘Superstar’. We cannot be a superstar unless we feel like one and to feel like one, we need to wear what superstars do. And once again, adidas Originals has done an impeccable job of making the high-end look affordable.

Imagine yourself in a pair of Superstar shoes, and then seeing a photograph of your favorite celebrity wearing the same. The gusto cannot be expressed in words – just the thought itself is so heartwarming.

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