94.3 Radio One says #inthemixIndia is an outdated Concept
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By Harsh Mehta

Well Due to some issues the Radio Show #inthemixIndia which was aired on 94.3RadioOne every saturday from 10pm-1am and hosted by Nikhil Chinapa has now been come to an end. This came into light when Nikhil Chinapa Tweeted about the Issue and the #inthemixIndia fans were shocked to read it , but Nikhil Chinapa tweeted up that he will keep this show going via a website named : inthemixIndia.com with the help of Nawed Khan , AudioQube & Submerge team. The first online Episode was Live Yesterday night at 10pm till 12pm ! The Hashtag for the Show was #ITMX61 ( 61 for the 61st episode ) . Everybody were Happy about it , the whole team worked hard so that each and every listener can tune in via mobile or laptop/Pc . #ITMX61 was trending in each and every city (listed on Indian City twitter trends). The huge part was that it was trending at 2nd Postion In India in just 30 minutes and also trending above #IPL in a short span of time.There were many listeners around the globe who felt good to be a part of #ITMX61.

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Later on when i saw @943RadioOne tweets on my timeline i was in shock and also laughing at the same time .The tweets says that they have a brand new EDM radio show which is know as #RadioOneMegaMix ! The Tweets from @934RadioOne were so Desperate that the Admin him/her self wanted to make it trend ! . Radio 94.3, Inthemix , Media, controversy

And then later on when the show got over i asked them a question check out the conversation Below :

Radio 94.3, Inthemix india, Nikhil

And soon after this Conversation they BLOCKED me for No reason , so it indicates that Radio One Dont respect their fans and they block users as they cant face them

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Many InthemixIndia fans were shock to see 94.3RadioOne’s  tweets saying INTHEMIX is an OUT DATED CONCEPT .

Below are the reactions from various people on twitter : José Covaco – VJ at MTV India .


This is what Radio One 94.3 said after people outraging on twitter!


This is what Nikhil Chinapa has to say :


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