7 Stunning Photo Ideas To Keep Your Travel Memories Alive
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There is nothing in the world that a vacation cannot heal-isn’t it? Exploring distant lands, seeing new horizons and stumbling on unknown pathways- a vacation is all of this and yet so much more. Either you a beach bum or a mountain monk- every vacation has a story to tell with the photos. While the calories that you gained on vacation, your happy travel moments certainly do count. And you should make it worth remembering!

Every vacation comes to an end- but before you start planning for the next one, it becomes important to preserve your travel time in a long-lasting travel-themed photo book. A photo book is a gateway to memories that helps to revisit your journeys each time you open it.

And every travel photo book needs to capture your story in a perfect manner. Here’s how you can do it-

Your Story- Your Way

It’s important to capture your travel memories the way you want. Either with a professional camera or a mobile camera, your travel memories should be an ideal showcase for your travel persona. Ensure the mood of your travel- rejuvenating, adventurous, leisure or exploration gets captured in your travel photo book. For that, you need to do basic research about the journey and destination before your vacation begins.

Combine your camera and our photo ideas to create magic with your photo books to make it a travel story to remember.

Start from the Very Beginning

Just like a movie- your travel story should have an interesting start, captivating plots and sub-plot elements, and an inspiring conclusion. Try to click your random stuff ready to be packed, airport hustle, the journey from the station to your hotel, or anything interesting that you encounter while on the way. If you’re traveling by road, you can capture milestone boards. If you’re traveling by airplane, don’t forget to click from the window or touchdown on the tarmac.

See from a Different Perspective

Just a different angle- it changes the way you can click photos. Whenever at a new destination, try to soak in your camera- scenic places, beautiful mountain tops, deep valleys, empty pathways, quaint cafes or pristine beaches. Just don’t fall for the regular angles and try to get a photo from a different angle or perspective.

Here’s what can help- Take a wide-angle shot from a distance to show the exact feel of your beautiful location. Try to capture a few in action shots like- car zooming by, splashing waves, burning fire, or even a snowball fight. All of this coming together in a personalized travel photo book will look amazing.

Mark the Landmarks

Wherever you travel, the place will have at least one iconic landmark that defines the location. Try to get a complete group or wide shot of the landmark and its surroundings. Apart from the regular group photos of selfies, try to capture the reflection of the landmark or the monument on your pair of sunglasses, a puddle of water or just ask your friends or family to stare at the monument or landscape in complete awe.

A little expression goes a long way to create a perfect shot- that’s worth remembering. Just try out any crazy shot by mixing the people you love and famous locations in a single frame.

When in Rome, Do as Romans Do

Goes the old saying- roam like a local in a new place. Ask for directions and ditch the routine itinerary and experience local cuisines, hangouts, traditions, events, and festivals. If you are traveling to a place with abundant nature reserve make a point to see its unique wildlife and make sure to capture it. Go for long walks (but make sure you’re safe), adventure rides or anything that helps you experience the local feel.

It would be a great idea to attend any cultural or regional festival happening during your visit- it will be a valuable addition to your travel story and definitely you’ll get something unique to experience.

Golden Hours for Silhouettes

One hour after sunrise and before sunset are precious like gold- hence golden hours to capture beautiful silhouettes. In any part of the world, golden hours are treated sacred by photographers due to the best natural light that helps to capture intense-contrast photos. At least once during your vacation, make sure to venture out at early morning or late evening and click a silhouette photo to include in your travel photo book.

Don’t Forget Your Place of Stay and Stuff

It would be a place you might visit just once in a lifetime, so try to capture your place of stay, your tour guide, hotel staff or anyone who has helped you during the stay. Years down the line, it would be amazing to look at such photos. Another crazy shot would be to click your stuff- while packing or unpacking it. Your clothes, camera, sunglasses, or even shoes would make up for a great random shot.

Nothing Like Printed Your Travel Perfect Shots in a Photo Book

Once you’re back from your trip, ensure you collect and preserve your favorite travel memories in a beautiful travel theme-based photo book. For ease, you can download Picsy app, and use travel themes to create your photo book. Picsy offers beach, mountain, family, friends, and even solo themed photo books with ready to use designs. You just need to choose and upload your photos. Once you place order, the high quality printed photo book gets delivered to your address.

Make sure to tell your travel tale with all the shots discussed here to create an everlasting personalized souvenir of your wonderful vacation. And we promise that years later, when you flip your personalized photo book- you will feel the cool mountain breeze, waves under your feet and warm sunshine again!

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