7 Cures For People Suffering From Wanderlust
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We all suffer from a chronic case of wanderlust at some point in our life. The middle ages when you are struggling to make a mark in the rat race your mind is forever dreaming of places that you want to travel to and you have the constant desire to pack up and go anywhere in the world. This lust for wanderlust makes it unnecessarily difficult to fall in love with one place. We often daydream of places that we have never been to, thinking of adventures in the far flung regions of the world.

The solution to wanderlust involves either travelling in some manner or distracting your mind from the desire to travel. Both solutions will end up at a cross road that leads to each other, here are some ways in which you can deal with it.

For the treatment of never-ending wanderlust

  • Go Local

When was the last time you explored your own city in search of adventures? You must have been to all the must visit places in the guide-book but did you take the roads less traveled and ventured into the unknown of your city. Try a new restaurant or indulge in a new activity, go to a street market or explore galleries. If nothing works take a stroll in busiest markets or monuments and talk to random strangers.

  • Explore the travel section of a library/bookstore

Try reading of adventures of others and use your imagination to put yourself there (although it won’t cure your wanderlust). Travel literature was over billions of books and blogs. Read through them and try making a list of things you want to do and the places you want to see.

  • Indulge in a travel DIY project

This doesn’t means you have to be creative enough to make a light bulb. You can start with smaller projects like making a playlist that reminds you of a certain part of a journey. Try making albums or write about the past travels. The nostalgia might be a bit heavy but it works.

  • Learn a new language

Learning a new language can open up many roads to satisfy your wanderlust. If the roads do not open learning a language is like experiencing a new culture first hand. Explore the world with words. I have learnt Ladakhi, Spanish, German, and French in the past and now am practicing Irish

Source: blog.busuu.com


  • Try experiencing foods from different cultures

When was the last time you tasted a new food from a different culture or country? If you cannot remember try investing in some culinary experiences. Learn not only to enjoy eating new foods try to cook them from scratch.

  • Travel Digitally

Did you check out travel pictures on Flickr? Did you take a virtual tour of cuba? Learning or reading about a new place or experiencing them through pictures is an interesting way of experiencing them when you cannot travel. Use this with caution; this might make your wanderlust topple over the edge.

  • Start planning

Research about your next destination, even if you can’t afford it PLAN IT. Go to booking websites check the flight tickets and hotels rates. What all things you would want to explore in the country?  This might help you when you are suffering from wanderlust can help you feel better – at least you are planning even if you aren’t going yet! If your wanderlust increases after planning, just go ahead with the plane tickets and let the journey unfold slowly.


After traveling for the last five years I have figured out there really is no alternative to cure your wanderlust. I have tried them all but nothing works, the only cure to wanderlust is to Travel.