6 Souvenirs that Indians must bring back from Indonesia.
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Many, who know me well enough, would agree that whenever I travel I always carry a separate bag for shopping. That explains my love towards collecting souvenirs from my travels to different countries. India doesn’t have many of these lovely, homes built artefacts or souvenirs. Also, one never knows if one would go back to the same country, again. Mind you, a shopper that I am, I have always believed in street and cheap shopping. Unless I am buying my makeup, I don’t indulge in expensive shopping. From handcrafted souvenirs to batik to artefacts to fridge magnets, Indonesia is a country that makes lovely souvenirs for family members and friends. I think picking up souvenirs are a way to treasure memories of that idyllic escape.

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If you are heading to Indonesia on a short visit, do pick these souvenirs.

1. Batik Mid-dress


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In most places in Indonesia, people will tell you to buy batik shirts or shawls. But I wanted to buy something that would remind me of Indonesia for years. I bought a batik dress which was light weight, fit for ‘traveling-light’ and colorful enough to fill my pictures.  Batik is most famous in Yogyakarta and one can find Batik items in mid-level shops and even on the streets. One could either pick up some handmade or machine-made batik, depending on the budget. The ‘Batik’ word originates from the Javanese word ‘tritik’ which describes a resisting process for dying, where the patterns are drawn on the textiles by tying and sewing areas prior to dying, similar to tie dye techniques. I had decided to pick up few more Batik items, which would fit my style and pocket at the same time.

Price: Ranges between IDR 20,000 to IDR 75,000 (Around INR 500)

Shop: Hamzah Batik

Location: Yogyakarta

2. Batik Wallets


Usually bags, pouches and watches are the first things that one would look at when one is travelling. Travel pouches or makeup pouches become great gift souvenirs items. I usually end up giving my girlfriends or sisters or now new in-laws these pouches which they could carry on their travels. Gifts, when given, should be useful and should be used always more than anything else. Batik bags or pouches offer an ethnic impression with lesser costs. Also, they are more unique than other bag styles that one can find. It looks strong yet elegant. The best part of batik pouches is that the colors are made from natural ingredients, so even today the vibrant colors look aesthetically great. A lovely Indonesian lady shared a story of how Indigo blue and brown (soga) is used as their primary color. The blue color is made from the leaves of the Indigo plant. The leaves are mixed with sugar molasses and lime and left to stand overnight. The brown color is created from the leaves of Morinda Citrifolia. I picked up about 10 different colors. Since they were priced so cheap, I couldn’t resist buying them.

Price: IDR 5000 (INR 25)

Shop: Hamzah Batik

Location: Yogyakarta

3. FrangiPani Hair Clips

FrangiPani_Hair_ClipsAs you walk on the streets of Bali, you will see beautiful and soothing flowers across the streets. Many call this flower the ‘Bali flower’, however, they are even found in Hawai and India. Bali Flowers – Frangipani, also known as Plumeria, are known as jepun in Bali. In Bahasa Indonesia – the language of Indonesia – it’s known as Kamboja. My Indonesian friend, who I met at Yogyakarta, shared a story, as to why they were called ‘FrangiPani’. In the 16th century, an Italian nobleman, Marquis Frangipani, created a perfume from these flowers to scent the gloves. Later when this flower was discovered, people associated its scent with the scented gloves, so they started calling these flowers ‘FrangiPani’. The reason why I shared this story was, to make you realize why you should buy this hairclip. These frangipani hairclips look great on your hair when you wear over a gown for your party. They are made from vibrant color foams.I would be wearing them for my upcoming big announcement.

Price: IDR 3000 (INR 15)

Shop: Asri Shop

Location: Bali, Jl.Raya Seminyak, No.42

4. Catch a dream with dream catchers


I find dream catchers extremely fascinating and beautiful. I have always wanted them and could have never found such amazing ones at such great costs. Bali is the best place to get them and what I would recommend is that you could decorate your homes with them. Do you know why dream catchers are good? The story goes – dream catchers protect the person sleeping from negative dreams and the positive dreams pass through the hole in the center of the dream catcher. It originated within the Native American community who believed that the bad dreams got caught in the web at night and only when the sun shone it let the good dreams out. In Bali, one can find them in any local market or on streets. They are colorful and also available as single color dream-catchers. I got the biggest size for my new would-be home.

Price: IDR 50,000 for a medium size

Location: Bali, Seminyak Local Market

5. Scented Candles


As simple it can get, one must stop at a shop to buy a scented candles set. They are used as daily offerings for the Balinese gods as well. I actually bought two of them as Diwali gifts for my new family. The lush fragrance of the sacred ‘champaca’ flower, scented in the bottle, captivates the ambiance. Various essential oils are used to awaken the senses and bring comfort. Oils are made from coconut, rose, vanilla, musk, floral mixture, thyme and many others. A perfect gift for your mother this would be!

Price: IDR 4500

Location: Bali, Seminyak Local Market

6. Fridge Magnet, Frangipani Incense holder, Skin set, Calendar


Why did I put all these souvenirs together? Because one can make smaller sets and that makes them an ideal birthday gift or celebration gift set for homes. A small set of bath soap, bath salt, oil and others are carefully manufactured from natural exotic ingredients. Now, who doesn’t like fridge magnets! I have more than 256 fridge magnets and I love collecting them. The rubber based Bali fridge magnet brings life to your fridge. I found a wooden calendar for my work table, which was really interesting. It has the month and date as wooden blocks which can be changed. Now if you have a house where you perform ‘Pooja’, then the frangipani incense holder becomes a great gift for your home. It is vibrant and colorful.

Price: IDR 20,000

Shop: Asri Shop

Location: Bali, Jl.Raya Seminyak, No.42

Hope you enjoyed reading my suggestions on these Indonesian souvenirs. If you happen to visit Indonesia, do share your stories about souvenir-shopping with me!


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