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6 Seconds to Healthy Life and Win Tshirts from Neil Dantas
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How many of you do brisk walk for 150 minutes? Is one of your parent Diabetic? Are you worried about your Sugar Score?

Just 6 Seconds to make you realize if you are fit enough to understand your risks!

Janacare, are building an online diabetes prevention program (called the Habits Program) to enable pre-diabetics achieve healthier lifestyle habits and avoid full-blown type II diabetes.

As part of this effort, we are conducting an online experiment called “Sugarscore” to understand India’s Diabetes risk. Sugarscore is a six second survey that will help you understand your risk for Diabetes. The user basically goes to www.sugarscore.in  and quickly answers five questions (age, gender, waist size, physical activity levels and family history of diabetes) to get his or her Sugarscore.

 Diabetes, Health, Life, SugarScore , Obesity

Our goal is to reach 2 lakh Indians in 2 months through Sugarscore. We hope you will join in this fight against Diabetes.

We invite you to take this survey @ http://www.sugarscore.in

At the end of six seconds, you have to leave your mail address (check the image) to be eligible to win one of the cool goodies every week.

Diabetes, Healthy Life, Obesity, India, Sugar Score

Currently we have T-shirts from Neil Dantas. Sharing across the attachment of the T-shirt as well. 

Diabetes, Healthy life, Obesity

The hashtag for the campaign is #SugarScoreofIndia on  https://twitter.com/janacare and it would be great after you have taken the  survey, you mention a tweet and you would get eligible for the weekly prizes. If you do not have twitter account then you can simply fill the form at the end of the survey which would be eligible for the weekly goodies.

So just take out 6 secs from your whole day and take this initiative to check your Sugarscore!