The Royal Enfield REpublic Day Bike Rally, 2013!
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The day began normally for almost everyone in Mumbai. People who craved a long weekend were lucky enough to have holidays on Friday as well as on Saturday, January 26, 2013. However, for 1000+ Royal Enfield owners there was a reason to celebrate Republic Day in their style with their beloved bikes!

The Carter Road in Bandra is one of the busiest roads of Mumbai, however, every year on the26th January there is a different reason this road becomes the buzz of the town. The proud owners of the Royal Enfield from all over Mumbai and Navi Mumbai gather here for a Republic Day bike rally. The whole road is filled with bikers showing off their priced possession to each other, meeting new people and making new friends.


The Photokatha photographers Tejes and Punit, made sure they captured the bike rally using their expert skills and awesome photography gear. The whole event was being live-tweeted and you can read all our tweets at The bikers began assembling at the venue at 8.30 am riding their mean machines, wearing leather jackets and various other biking gears.

The committee members started explaining the rules of the rally to the bikers at 10.45 am followed by singing the National Anthem. The rules were simple. No honking, riding in pairs of 2 and keeping up with the traffic at all points. The rally began at 11am sharp from Carter Road, Bandra and the bikers were made to ride in pairs of 2. This ensured that there was no traffic or any hindrance caused due to the rally. The support and bandobast provided by the Mumbai Police was commendable. There committee members also made sure no one broke any traffic regulations and made it a smooth ride for every biker participating in the rally.

Once the bikes were started the unanimous and super sound made by 1000+ Royal Enfield’s at once was a treat to the ears of everyone who could hear it! It must’ve given some people goosebumps and also made sure people got out of their houses to see the amazing sight the rally offered.

The bikers made their way through the S.V Road at Mahim, Dadar and all the way through Trident at Nariman Point. While passing through Chowpatty, scores of people came out on the roads to check the source of the steady noise coming from all the bikes. People were happy and waving at the bikers and all the bikers reciprocated with a smile. There was a feeling of unity, patriotism and an adrenaline rush felt by everyone in the rally. The Royal Enfield Rally is celebrated every year on the 26th of January (Republic Day) and the 15th of August (Independence Day).


Once the bikes reached Trident at Nariman Point, everyone took a small break for 5 minutes till every bike was there and then took a u-turn and started making our way back to Bandra, Carter Road. The ride back was just as fun and smooth!

It was a surreal experience for everyone at Photokatha as well as all the bikers who participated in the rally.

A big thank you to entire team  along with Steve Miranda and Nigel Rich for his help and support and for letting us be a part of this mega event!

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Tejas Nayak: Visual Story Teller and Portraiture artist. Specialized in Events Photography and Photojournalism,  I have a passion to make my photographs speak for the story of the day. It is quintessential for every form of art to evolve with age and I find myself working every aspect, to nourish my creations. My portfolio includes stints as the official photographer for Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2011-12, and TEDx events, McDowells Indian Derby and many corporate events. Run a small Wedding Photography venture called “Indian Wedding Katha”

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You can view pictures by them for the ride at this album.